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Girls singing beautifully

It has not been a great week, as we all fluctuated between unwell and well states. Natasha took through Tuesday to recover from Sunday’s malady, but was feeling fine and went for her badminton session on Wednesday. I was back in the office on Tuesday, but continue to have a peculiar relationship with food intake, and have not even deigned to go to the gym. Becky went to school on Tuesday but had to be taken out late in the morning, and then spent all Wednesday in bed. And Kimmy suddenly developed a fever on Wednesday night, taking her turn of staying home…

But by the end of today, we were all more or less in decent shape and attended a concert at Becky’s school. She sings in two different choirs and participated in four numbers. Three of those were absolutely fantastic and I offer you here the one that I liked the most. Enjoy!


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  1. Ilya

    I probably will. It took me a while to devise the best way to embed local streaming video into my blogging software, but I will now be posting video snippets quite regularly.

  2. Natasha i Tasya

    My prosto ocharovany! Ochen’ krasivo pojut devochki!
    Otlichno, chto postovili eto video na blog!
    Vsem privet!

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