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Natasha’s Birthday

Thank you to all who wrote, called or otherwise expressed their adoration of my lovely wife on her birthday. I am happy to report that we celebrated the occasion with a bang. In more than one sense…

We did not want to either leave the kids at home or bring them with us to the central London for the celebratory dinner. Instead, we decided to hold the event at our house, with a few of our best friends.

Natasha was in high spirits the entire week leading to the party. Few things excite her as much as an opportunity to flex her culinary muscles for the adoring public. And flexed them she did! Among the items on the menu were shrimp croquettes, mushroom soup, eggplant salad, liver paté, duck, pommes de terre Dauphinoise, mushroom Stroganoff, Queen of Sheba cake, brown-sugar-cinnamon-and-nuts Palmiers… Becky contributed guacamole, and the only food that was not homemade were vegetables and several varieties of cheese brought by friends.

We improvised Kir Royale out of liqueur that we had bought on the Loire, opened a couple of bottles of nice Bordeaux, and had a really great time socializing in an intimate company.

Except that I was not feeling too well all day long, and after a couple of glasses of wine and the first two courses, whatever malady I had started really hammering me. After a while, I had to surreptitiously take some measures to lessen the discomfort; it helped, but I later ended up with a reasonably high fever that kept me through most of the night. I stayed home on Monday.

And the weirdest thing is, both Becky and Natasha followed me to a degree by the end of the evening. None of our guests experienced any problems and Kimmy was perfectly fine. Some form of stomach virus inexplicably hit the three of us at the same time. Becky did not go to school, she and Natasha slept through most of the day today, and hopefully we will all be back to normal tomorrow.

Great party, pity the night ended somewhat badly, but such is c’est la vie.

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  1. Ari

    We, indeed, had a wonderful time last night and the food was absolutely delicious. Thanks again for driving us to Canary Wharf. Sorry to hear that all of you had to call in sick, but I hope you feel better soon.

    ~Anna & Ari

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