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The unending source for contempt

Lest some of you think that I am becoming nonchalant about traffic in England (the last time I devoted more than a sentence to it was over a month ago), here is a sad reminder.

Driving distance from the house to Becky’s school: 4.1 miles.
Driving time suggested by Google: 11 minutes (up to 20 minutes in traffic – now, exactly how is that determined?)

On Monday:
Left house: 7:18am
Arrived at school: 7:32am
Returned to the house: 7:49am

A pretty good trip, I say.

Now, Tuesday.

Left house: 7:15am
Arrived at school: 8:38am
Returned to the house: 9:12am

Two hours for an 8-mile round trip! I still can’t believe it!