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Nice Sunday, good Monday

Despite what I wrote on Saturday, Natasha and the kids did not want to waste a perfectly cold and unpleasant weekend. So, on Sunday, they picked one of Becky’s school friends and went to the movies.

That is, they drove to the movie theater together. After which Natasha and Kimmy went to see Ratatouille (raving reviews), while the older kids opted for Stardust (positively raving reviews). Having satisfied their thirst for visual arts, the party retired to a nearby sushi joint to enjoy arts culinary. They topped it all off with a play date at the friend’s house: Becky obviously had her classmate to spend time with, while Kimmy became quick pals with Becky’s friend’s younger sister and Natasha socialized with their mother. Perfect outing!

The man in the family was left to his own devices: computer, television, lots of football.

And today, Natasha and Becky resumed their mother-daughter Monday get-togethers.

Kimmy is taking an art class on Mondays that lasts 90 minutes. The class is in Blackheath, within walking distance of Becky’s school. So Becky either walks or takes a bus to the village, meets with Natasha, they pick a café and spend the time in lazy conversation. They covered quite a number of eateries in Blackheath already that I have never been to myself. When Kimmy gets off her class, all three of them happily drive home, where I usually meet them, having already come back from work grumpy and hungry.

So it went this Monday. But with three beautiful and happy ladies coming through the door, it is so much easier to shed one’s grumpiness. So, hooray to these Mondays, I say!

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