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Let’s not go to the beach today

We woke up this morning, looked out the window, regarded skies of dark lead hues, and decided to stay home for the day.

Not that we had much planned, but we could go to the city and spend some time with our friends. Only, the weather outside was loudly hinting that it did not welcome our presence.

As it often happens in these parts, at some point later in the day the skies cleared up. We thought, fine, let’s at least go for a walk in the park. The skies thought better of it, and within fifteen minutes turned to threatening again. We surrendered.

This was a fitting coda to an unremarkable week.

After all the excitement that we had last week, there were no social events and only one diversion all week long. Given that Becky and I got back to our morning drive routine and the temperatures started to drop noticeably, we have been working hard just to find reasons for cheerfulness.

The aforementioned diversion was the sudden appearance of our old friend from Brooklyn in London on a business trip. We went together to a dinner on Tuesday and spent several hours catching up. As we did not have any expectations for any visitors until sometime next spring, it was a really nice surprise. I encourage people to consider surprising us this way more often.

On other nights, Natasha and Becky resorted to televised entertainment to keep themselves occupied. Natasha signed up for a DVD rent-by-mail service, and started ordering episodes of Friends and Beverly Hills 90210 that two of them devour after Kimmy goes to bed. That leaves me with a choice of reading various blogs online (individual thanks to Brian and Sergey, whom I pilfered a lot of links from) or watching TV in another room on my own. Since movie channels are rarely presenting anything to my liking (despite the fact that there are several dozen of them), I lately have been watching a lot of football – Premiership, Champions League, Spanish Primera Liga, Euro-08 qualifying, even lower English divisions…

We also played a bunch of board games (of which we have about twenty): Monopoly, Scattergories, Hit or Miss, Zig-Zag, Blockus, etc. And good old Charades, as well. Nothing like cold, gloomy days to help the family bond.

Anyhow, the next week should start kicking it up into higher gear again. The children have some school trips coming up. Natasha is arranging for playdates for both of them. There is another local theatre outing in the offing, and of course, the fast-approaching jubilee of my lovely wife…

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