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Look who’s on top of the world again

So, the Red Sox won the World Series again. The next 86 years of the life of the Nation turned into just 3. Somebody, please, curse that team again, quick!

My dislike for the Sox stems not only from the fact that I support the Yankees, but also from the realization that for all their blustery talk about New York being “the Evil Empire” having accumulated all the high-priced mercenaries, it was actually Boston who had fewer homegrown regulars in recent years. In 2004, for instance, the only such player in their lineup was the altogether remarkable Trot Nixon, whereas the Yankees for years boasted the core group of Jeter, Pettitte, Posada, Willams, Rivera, just to name the obvious stars…

But coming back from 3-1 ALCS deficit to sweep the next seven games is almost as impressive as coming back from 3-0 ALCS deficit to sweep the next eight games. And that is something that I find hard imagining the Yanks of late do.

So, for the few of my acquaintances who are Sox fans, congratulations! May your twice-in-the-lifetime moment never become a third! 😉


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