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Birthday celebration

We celebrated Becky’s birthday on Thursday with a family dinner, which was regularly interrupted by congratulatory phone calls. Thank you all who called or wrote, we appreciate all of the attention more than ever, and Becky certainly enjoyed being continuously congratulated. We love you all!

The second part of the festivities was today, with Natasha taking Becky early in the morning for a supermodel photo shoot in central London. The deal included make-up, manicure, hairstyling, and the actual photo session, with the pictures then available for purchase at stratospheric prices. Natasha splurged on four, which will be arriving by post in several weeks’ time. Becky had great time.

Kimmy and I met them in the afternoon, and with our friends Anya and Ari joining us, we went for a lengthy celebratory lunch at a Chinese restaurant that Becky wanted to visit for a long time. Alas, even though she normally likes spicy food, she was not especially excited with the offerings of this place, and the person who had most fun turned out to be me (I like ethnic food, and occasionally quite like spicy).

I needed that, too. Walking through Trafalgar Square on our way to the restaurant, Kimmy and I had to navigate through the latest Muslim Solidarity fair, at which I bumped into a guy holding a sign that advertised a web campaign along the lines of “Investigate 9/11 and expose the biggest lie America used to wage the phoney war on terror”. I had a number of violent thoughts aimed at the idiot, which soured my mood for a while…