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To my daughter

Man oh man, I am so not ready to be a father yet!

How is it that I have a teenage daughter?

She is tall and graceful, often mistaken for her mother’s younger sister. She is smart (that’s Natasha’s genes) and beautiful (that’s clearly mine). She is athletic (um… Natasha again) and artistic (hey, I used to be in student theaters all my life!).

She is a girl, so she often has no use for her silly old man. But she is a good friend to her mother and a really good big sister to the often annoying little munchkin, so the only guy in the family is happy with whatever time we get to spend together.

She is growing up to be a well-rounded person, with many interests. Not many kids her age have the ability to see the world with their own eyes (for which I less than humbly take credit), but not many kids her age spend hours reading when they have the chance. Or make friends as easily as she does. Or try new activities whenever they come across…

Have I mentioned that she is growing up to be a stunner?! I look at her sometimes and cannot believe that this gorgeous young lady is my little girl.

Becky, I love you! Happy birthday!



  1. mama

    This is Beautiful!
    Nobody can tell such words about own child!
    I am reading this for dozen times, and crying from the love, sentiment and god knows what else.May be because of the age.
    But I am absolutely agree with conclusion: she is a star in the sky,
    and we all proud and love her so much that we did not have enough words to say about – not in English, not in Russian.
    Happy birth day, our solnyshko, be as you are for all your life!

  2. Karolina,Oleg and Juliette

    Hey Cuz,

    We would like to congratulate you on
    the birthday of your beatiful daughter. May she always be as healthy, beautiful,and happy as she is today.
    May there be many more such birthdays
    but with one exception-the next one should be back home in the states so
    that we can all be a part of it.

  3. Kisintin

    From all of us in Chicago. Happy birthday Becky! Have fun, don’t ever change, and give your father hell.

    when you turn 16, what i want to see is him, rocking in a chair on a front porch with a double-barrel in hand, loaded with salt.

    I may be a silly uncle who moved God knows where, but I still love you, and always call you a monkey.


  4. Tamila

    Happy Birthday Becky!!!!
    Have lots of fun next year!!!!
    P.S. Ilyushka, I still remember the
    day when we worked in Pace library and
    you announced that you will have a
    baby. I don’t think you were more
    ready then;)))

  5. !Becky!

    Thanks for all the nice things you all wrote about me…regardless whether they are true or not! I love you all very much!

    Becky-Teenager at Last

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