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Perfect autumn day

Why can’t the weather always be like today? Pleasantly cool air. Pleasantly warm sun. Clear blue skies. The type of weather that literally demands that you put aside whichever chores you saddled yourself with for the day, get up from in front of the TV (or the PC, for more electronic-age-inclined) and go spend time in the fresh air.

Since we had no specific plans for the weekend, we did just that, piled into the car, drove for half an hour to our favorite “retreat”, the Leeds Castle, and spent several hours strolling around (adults), riding scooters (kids), playing badminton (all) and generally enjoying the agreeable weather…

Our latest guests have left. Not having their kids in tow allowed them to spend as much time as possible sightseeing, so we only saw them a bit in the mornings and a bit in the evenings. Becky, nonetheless, expressed her sadness at their departure, given that we do not expect anybody else in the foreseeable future. So, who’s up for a visit?

I spent a couple of days overcoming the side effects of the latest software upgrade of my website software. It’s becoming a drag, but I am certainly getting better at cutting corners and achieving right results. In any case, if anyone comes across strange artifacts in any of my old posts, please drop me a note; my compendium of things that can go wrong is undoubtedly far from complete.

I also re-factored the Travelog section of the blog, moving away from stand-alone posts on every attraction and eatery to more consolidated approach. Anyone who is interested, please feel free to look around and let me know whether you like the new approach better.