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Ways to increase blog traffic

Natasha posted my Bath travelog entry on Fodors and the traffic to my website immediately shot up. A little marketing never hurt anybody, I guess.

What’s rather weird, though, is that the most frequent internet search that led people to my website in the past month has been one for the word “ziraffe”, which is what a picture from our Holland trip earlier in the year used to mistakenly have in its title. The link to the picture comes as #8 for this particular Google search, even though the misspelling has long been corrected. It’s an incorrect link, too, but it still attracts quite a considerable number of people, five out of six of whom then stay to look at other pages on my site. I’ve seen enough posts of how people find my friend Brian to realize that strangers’ attraction to one’s website works in peculiar and inexplicable ways, but this is the first such experience of my own.

And now that I posted the word in this blog entry, it will surely get even more play…