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More classical music and golf

A cousin of mine plays clarinet with the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra. And what do you know – they were coming to play Proms at the Royal Albert Hall on Saturday and Sunday. Just like that, I was going to my second classical music performance in less than a week.

The concert was beautiful, although I have to say that, similarly to sightseeing, I would have enjoyed it more if I had someone to exchange opinions with during intermissions. The guy sitting next me was an American living in London, and a musician himself. He quickly figured me out for a dilettante, and engaged in conversation with other folks in our box…

My cousin and I met up afterwards, and having had no specific plans, eventually ended up drinking beers outside a popular Soho pub. This being Saturday night, countless Hen Day groups (Americans would recognize the concept by terms such as Bridal Shower or, maybe, Bachelorette Party; the male equivalent is called Stag Party here, by the way) provided all the necessary entertainment.

Inexplicably, this pub’s license allowed them to sell alcohol only until 11:30pm, so we were politely and firmly told at some point to “drink up”. It was probably to the best. Roman had to play the next day, and I barely made the last train home.

I wanted to combine the trip to the concert with a visit to a gallery, but I also wanted to get in another round of golf in the morning, and by the time I finished playing, returned home and was ready to leave again, it was probably too late for an unhurried review of any exhibition. Some family with dumb kids caused me to pause my playing for half an hour, so that there would be some distance between them and me, but then, they kept holding everybody back for the entire round… I did play with a noticeable improvement, butchering only one single hole, and making natural pars on two holes by sinking fairly long putts. Even recovered some of the ability for short flop shots from about 50 yards out. If only I had some consistence in hitting it off the tee, I could have been a contender…

It’s my last day of solitude today, and I am undecided between another round of golf (I am suddenly becoming an obsessed nut about it, no question) or another movie. I’ll flip a coin and let you know.

[updated later in the day] What the hell – I did both. First watched The Bourne Ultimatum, which I think is the best one in the trilogy (or, maybe, just the one making most sense, in addition to great action sequences). Then, got in nine holes with some nice local guy called Gary – and it was my best round yet…


  1. Kisintin

    Very nice movie, and what’s more important no prolong final confrontation fight scene. Who’s the relative that plays in San Francisco filarmony?

    I thin the key to a proper tee shot, is doing a fairly slow wound-up, and keeping the hands extented throughout the whole swing. By keepign the arms taut there’s lesser chance of dropping them, and hittin the ball unsynched with body rotation..

  2. Ilya

    Was that Butch Harmon masquerading as my brother? 🙂 My problem is lifting my head on the downswing, causing me to hit the top of the ball and produce a nice screaming worm-burner… I also am naturally inclined to keep the clubface open, producing slices; when I consciously try to compensate by closing the face, I always end up hitting line drives way left… Unless I am seriously off in my self-assessment, my swing itself is not too bad… But I will go for lessons one of these days…

    Roma Fukshansky – not sure if you ever met him even…

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