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Pardon the Interruption

My British colleagues are happily exclaiming that the summer is finally here. From my perspective, the weather is a lot more like spring than summer, but with no rain, and it certainly makes it feel considerably more cheerful.

Too bad we won’t be around for a while. Let’s feel the embrace of undoubtedly scorching and humid East Coast summer, I say.

In fact, this short post is to announce that the Burlak family is happily departing homeward for a long-awaited sojourn. I hope to see some of the most loyal members of my audience in person in the next ten days or so. But I will likely not resume blogging until my return to London around the 15th of this month.

See you all soon.

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  1. suzanne

    We too, are laughing at how those around us are saying summer has arrived. I have found it hard to miss the hot summers while we are here in the UK.

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