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Cold in summer and getting locked out

Who would’ve thought that we’d need to turn on the heat with summer in full swing?

Well, ok, we did not exactly need it, but Natasha felt chilly in the house and rightly figured that the date on the calendar should not be used as a general guidance of which season it is… Small wonder, with cool temperatures for the last few days, the high barely piercing 10ºC on Monday, it did not feel like end of June at all. Balmy Chicago of a few days ago feels like another planet to me now…

So much for global warming!

Actually, my friend Dima pointed me to a Canadian article that scientifically argues for onset of global cooling. As smart as I want to appear to my readers, I cannot make out whether the science mentioned therein is legit. On the other hand, the Gore movie, I heard, is very powerful. Whom to believe?

Completely unrelated, but rather funny, is the fact that Natasha and Kimmy managed to lock themselves out of the house today and then ingenuously found a way back in.

One of our door locks is of self-locking variety. The handle on the lock can be turned just so to prevent it from engaging, but I figure that a forceful bang can overcome that. So, the first thing that I did upon moving in last October was to make an extra key and hide it outside. With another turn-key lock, the house is well-secured when we are away, and I figured that the danger of finding myself locked out upon taking out the garbage was worth the exercise.

Inexplicably, a few weeks ago we found the key gone. I don’t have a clue who would have taken it and why, – I suppose a neighbor’s cat discovered itself a shiny toy, – but it’s no longer where I hid it. Not unexpectedly, we have not made another copy yet…

Anyway, a gardener comes for his bi-weekly visit today. Our car is blocking the entry to the driveway, so he asks Natasha to pull in a bit more. Natasha takes the car keys, tells Kimmy to stay inside, turns the door lock handle just so, and proceeds to move the car. Kimmy has other ideas – such as to directly observe what is going on. And, being a conscientious girl, she knows to lock the house door after herself when there is no one left inside…

Yep, you get the picture!

Natasha is upset, Kimmy is crestfallen, there is no key. The gardener offers to use his ladder to try to get inside through a second-floor window…

And then Kimmy draws attention to the fact that she can push her little arm through the mail slot. A plan is immediately formed. The gardener supplies a screwdriver, Natasha holds the mail slot cover open, Kimmy inserts her arm in, hooks the lock handle from inside and pushes it to the open position…

I have no idea how in the hell that worked!!! But Kimmy called me at work and breathlessly described how she had saved Mommy and herself…

It merits noticing that Natasha had the car keys in her hand. One simple solution would be to drive to my office (less than 20 minutes with no traffic) and get my set of keys from me. But ingenuity won!

Becky, meanwhile, was singing with her school choir. Actually, there was a concert earlier in the day, which Natasha attended. It was a grand performance, according to her.

Upon reading this post of Jason Bennion, whose blog I started perusing via the links in my former boss Brian’s blog, I went to Blogthings to check out what type of writer I should be.

Can’t say that I am impressed. There are only five questions to answer, and I have a feeling that one single question – What reaction do you like to get from people? – which I answered Laughter – singularly determined the outcome.

Anyway, here is the stock verdict that I got.


You Should Be a Joke Writer

You’re totally hilarious, and you can find the humor in any situation.
Whether you’re spouting off zingers, comebacks, or jokes about life…
You usually can keep a crowd laughing, and you have plenty of material.
You have the makings of a great comedian – or comedic writer.


You can try on your own what type of writer you should be.

I wish I had plenty of material…

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  1. Sergey Kornilov

    Я и не проходя теста знаю, что попаду в эту же категорию. Такова наша участь. Хорошо еще что нет у них категории Bad Joke Writer.

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