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Back from Brugge

Our official travel program for the foreseeable future is completed with our return from a weekend trip to Brugge.

Yes, surprising as it may seem, we do not have any specific travel plans for a couple of months. Partially, it is due to a certain level of fatigue and over-saturation that we have undoubtedly reached. Mostly, it is about the need to work out UK driving license (the process for which I will describe in an upcoming post), which clashes with our ability to travel in a preposterous fashion. Specifically, we have to give up our passports for a period of at least three weeks in order to obtain a driving license in England. Just in case, we’ll double the expected time; that should take us almost to our August trip to the States. I’ll describe it in detail another time.

So we’ll stay on the island for a while, explore some of the palaces and gardens around London.

But this last trip to the continent was – just as the ones before it – fantastic. Brugge is a remarkably well-preserved and well-maintained town, providing a visitor with continuous stream of Kodak moments. We gave our new camera, Nikon D40, a good workout, but it is too early to report on the results, although the biggest problem that we experienced with Canon PowerShot S3 – inexplicable graininess of pictures taken under fairly favorable conditions – does not seem to be affecting the newly bought equipment. Natasha will actually deal with our backlog of pictures chronologically, and it will take her a while to salvage whatever can be salvaged from Amsterdam, so Brugge pictures will be appearing in our gallery a bit later.

Anyway, we loved walking the streets of Brugge, not only the most attractive touristy ones, but also quiet and almost deserted others, just a few blocks away; we tried a bit of chocolate and a bit of beer (no chance to go in for a real beer-tasting experience with kids, unfortunately); we enjoyed the food; we rode in a horse carriage and on an excursion boat. We had fun all around.

And now, we are back home for a well-deserved rest. For the time being. We will surely get bored soon…

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