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About weather and other fun

Good weather is here again. Or was here for a few days, since they promise rain throughout the weekend. Actually, they promised that the rain would start sometime Friday afternoon, but the skies, while cloudy, are still not very rainy-like. Could I extrapolate from it that the entire rain-all-weekend prediction was bogus? Probably not…

In any case, the last few days were warm and sunny. The house felt just a bit uncomfortably stuffy a couple of evenings. There is no air conditioning, as you may or may not know. That does not bode well for the warmer months to come. Opening windows helped so far, but it has not yet been truly hot, plus letting various insects in is not exactly my type of hospitality. There are no insect screens on windows either, by the way. And the noise from the street will surely get a separate getting used to, if we decide to sleep with windows open.

Which we’ll probably have no choice but.

Could the weather stay like this around the year? Who needs those seasons, anyway? Wanna experience cold or heat – there are many destinations around the world that specialize in that. Why do you need the extremes to come to you? After all, you don’t ski or lie on a beach in your backyard, do you?

Oh, well, localized climate control will probably not be invented for centuries ahead…

I should probably stop rambling – what got into me today?

We have another set of friends visiting, but they are not staying with us, having secured a hotel room in central London. That puts obvious limits on the time that we’ll be able to spend together. They did come to the house last night, we had drinks and dinner, spent some time catching up, but they were a bit tired off the plane and I was coming off an exhausting day-long meeting at work, so the reunion lasted only about 4 hours. We will most likely meet up somewhere in London on Saturday night, and that will be the extent of it.

I got moved again in my office building, to a higher floor. The environment is marginally more tolerable than what I had to cope with since February, but the floor is prone to occasional vibrations. I heard it explained away by high winds, underground trains, some utility machinery on the adjoining floor… Very annoying, to say the least. And peculiar – this is a prime location office building, after all, shouldn’t it be built better than this?

The performance, which Becky was preparing for, went along swimmingly. She did, at the last moment, ignored the choice that was made in the beginning of the week, and sang Ev’rybody Wants To Be a Cat, but it was met with utmost success.

She also ended up playing a huge role in a scene from Romeo and Juliet that her class will be playing at the end of the school year. During “auditions”, she was reading the fairly meaty role of Tybalt. But when the roles were distributed, she was awarded the role of Benvolio, whose only contribution to the proceedings is to utter in a frivolous manner, “Away, begone; the sport is at the best” (which according to our esteemed performer is supposed to mean Hey, look, all the cute girls are out).

Kimmy, on her part, went on a school trip to a farm, where she and her classmates engaged in a sort of a treasure hunt amongst pigs, goats, sheep, chickens and other animals. Fun!

And now, the kids are on a half-term break again, and we will be off to Amsterdam and its environs. The next entry is likely to be posted upon our return, around the weekend of June 2nd.


  1. Kisintin

    A human as an animal can never be satisfied. A lot of the people from California i know moved to Illinois SPECIFICALLY to experience change of seasons, i’m on the other hand is sick of being constantly forced to invest into AWD vehicle, and can’t stand the cold any longer. Bring me San Francisco.

  2. Rafa

    Well – we are those friends who were tired off the plane, so we indeed wanted to see Ilushku i Natashku more. ( I certainly opt for Natashka). Anyway, they picked us up in their great BMW and we had an awesome dinner at the spanish restaurant. While we certainly enjoyed our trip to London and seeing Burlak’ family, I will never ride with Iluxa in the car again. While his driving skills are very good, he kept driving on the WRONG side of the road. Ten minutes into it, I noticed, they are all insane, they all drive inthe wrong side of the road. For those who are in for the thrill or a simple stress management, I do recommend the adventure, just watch for the upcoming traffic.

    We loved London so much, we are coming back soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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