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Spring is in the air

It really only takes once to disrupt regularity of posts, and then it becomes very hard to get back into the habit. Or, maybe, it’s too much booze…

Going out, at least, if not the booze. We were out with a friend who was on a business trip from Geneva, on Tuesday, and then I went out with some co-workers on Wednesday. I also have a shindig tomorrow after work, but I do not know if I make it. I drink mostly beer on these outings and then invariably engage in painful attempts to control my bladder. Thankfully, there is always a McDonalds around the corner, with free toilet access.

The weather in London has been gorgeous for several days now. Sunny, 14-15 degrees Celsius. People start lingering outside offices longer during lunchtime. Tourists multiply. Spring is in the air.

Besides going out, the week has been highlighted by the arrival of the 42-inch plasma TV. I bought an HD-ready LG model, primarily because it is NTSC-compatible, which is a rarity in UK. In other words, when we decide to come back to America, we will likely take the TV with us. It is a huge upgrade over the mediocre thing that we had before, but we’ll have two now. Less competition with the kids. Or not, given that they might not want to “downgrade” to the small TV…

Becky landed an axel in practice, after what has been described to me as “only two practices”. Her coach is, apparently, very impressed. Kimmy was doing quite well, too, learning some new skills.

Kimmy is actually a lot more studious when it comes to skating. You tell her to practice some element, and she will go at it again and again. You tell Becky something of the kind, she tries it once, and then it’s either “I already did it” or “Can’t do it, don’t want to try anymore”…

A parent at the rink – it is the same skating rink where the synchronized team that we found at the beginning of the year trains – asked Natasha if Becky was going to join. She had to explain that with our travel plans, it is quite impossible to attend weekend practices. It’s a sacrifice on Becky’s part, but we’ll surely make it up for her. Like buying her a Nintendo play system that she craves. I carelessly promised that when she got to the gold level with her House Points, I’d buy her one. Little I knew that her teachers seem to give out points for every small thing she does. I will have to follow up on my promise literally tomorrow.

Natasha’s father has been exploring London on his own. Every night, I show him the things that he wants to see on a map, write down subway station names in his notebook, and off he goes the next day. No problem, so far.

We plan a couple of day trips for the weekend, if the weather holds…

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