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Snow again (brief follow-up)

As was advertised, a beautiful snowy landscape has greeted us in the morning.

And as expected, even though the morning driving was not any worse than on any other day, the public transportation was badly wounded. Half of the trains were cancelled, the other half delayed. It’s a good thing that many people decided not to go to work because of snow, or it would be a serious challenge to get on the train at all.

Waiting for the delayed train, I heard the following automated announcement several times, verbatim: I am sorry to announce that 8:22 train from Mottingham to London Cannon Street is cancelled due to [pause] snow…

The return commute, though, was much better. The snow melted away by midday, and the trains were on schedule and emptier than usual. Natasha also benefited, making a return trip from the skating rink in Leyton to the house in record time.

Kimmy made a snowman, Frosty, who surprisingly retained some shape by the time I came home. There was still some snow left on grass, but practically none on the pavements.

Becky arrived at half-term break with the Bronze Award for the number of house points that she accumulated (refer to Harry Potter for the explanation of the house points concept).

Half-term!!! I don’t have to drive Becky to school for the whole week and a day!!!

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