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Sunday in the park and around

Natasha found a gray hair in her head. Gevalt! Somebody’s getting old!!! I have exhausted my vocabulary looking for synonyms of “young” to use during a seemingly never-ending pep talk…

Since my parents went back home, the house suddenly feels a bit empty. I am not exactly sure whether it is a выгони козу effect (the house can hardly be called spacious), or whether we are having a relapse of the disease that we were gradually on the mend from: Missing those dear to us.

In any case, Sunday greeted us with sunny weather, and we immediately abandoned the house in search of adventures.

Ok, fine, we did not want to stay home, but we also did not want to do any sightseeing or “exciting” stuff either. So we just went to the now familiar playground in the Kensington Gardens in the city.

This time around, there were literally hundreds of kids on the playground, of all ages and races. Kimmy, who is always a bit shy when strangers are around, had to walk away from some of the things she was ready to do when a boisterous kid or three trespassed оn her space. Natasha eventually had to step in and lead Kimmy through a bunch of various activities, either ignoring or trying to engage other kids. That is, Natasha was trying to engage; Kimmy was pretty much set on ignoring.

Becky simply climbed the ship’s mast just like the last time, slid down the ropes, and then repeated the exercise thirty times to the all apparent envy of a bunch of kids not as tall or limber as she is.

At some point, the girls got hungry, and we walked up Queensway in search of a restaurant. They are aplenty in that area, we only had to choose, and settled on Italian.

Queensway, and apparently Bayswater in general, is a very nice area. It is practically bordering Notting Hill, and is just as diverse and appealing. First of all, the large, pleasant park is right there. There is a Russian store and the indoor skating rink – two essential amenities if you ask certain members of our family – just steps away from the park up the street. The skating rink proclaims that it is the only indoor one in all of London. Tons of various restaurants I already mentioned. Shops of all kind fill in all available space in between the eateries.

We are strolling around and suddenly think, Hey, why don’t we explore moving into the area! We will probably pay more for much less space than what we have now, we will have to go through another round of figuring a new school for Becky, moving expenses are going to be entirely ours, I will have to switch to delay-prone and not-air-conditioned subway for my commute (and probably extend it beyond 45 minutes), and the only thing that we would gain is living within London itself, close to everything that we want to be doing and seeing, but isn’t that why we came to London in the first place!?

Our current lease lasts through the end of September – plenty of time to ruminate on the idea… Another option is to look for something closer to Becky’s school, primarily to simplify our mornings. On that front, though, when it gets warmer, we will probably take a giant leap towards assimilation, by sending her to school via public transportation… Stay tuned.