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A wary blogger

Four days without a post is hardly a way to keep the audience engaged. An article in Economist recently was talking about people who make blogging their main occupation and actually build huge followings by writing about their everyday life. How exactly do they do that? I struggle to find – or sometimes literally forget – interesting topics to write about. Is it a question of not having literary talent or is it that my life is simply boring?

Or both?

I definitely cannot write of the cuff – it takes quite an amount of labor for me to produce an entry that pass my internal quality control (see my very first post for a brief discourse on the subject). Witty remarks and all, it is more about per- than in- when it comes to my -spiration.

I also cannot figure out how to make daily routine sexy. Let’s see. Kill alarm, stumble out of bed, bathroom, wake up Becky, dress, drive to school, traffic, traffic, drive back, walk to train, commute. Ooh, thrilling! 10 hours in office ensue, – which I will not be addressing except in rarest of circumstances – then another commute. Dinner, conversation, a bit of horseplay, read a book to Kimmy, put kids to bed, check and write emails (or a blog entry), time for bed. Once a week, maybe, an hour to flip through TV channels and to practice my rudimentary guitar skills.

Kids’ routine is also fairly… well, routine. To/from school, homework, maybe a trip to supermarket with mom. Otherwise, board games, TV, PC. Playdates occasionally do happen and school sometimes provides highlights, but other than that, there are not many topics related to them that I can explore.

Natasha probably leads both the most fun and the most uneventful life. Before you exclaim that it is impossible, consider this. While girls are in school and I am at the office, she stays home alone with nothing to do. Ouch!!! What’s up with hitting me with a frying pan, darling? OK, OK, dishes, cleaning, laundry, cooking, shopping, I get it!!!

After having done all that, Natasha still has many a couple of hours that she needs to fill with things to do. This is where uneventful comes. So she spends time planning our trips and vacations on the internet. This is where fun comes.

Still, there is hardly anything in that activity that gives me something to write about. The end result will be most probably exciting, but searching for convenient cheap flights does not exactly make for gripping narrative.

So, you see, I am pretty much left with weekend events and occasional midweek happenings. And that makes it very hard to keep the flow up. What I should be doing is dissertating on world politics, current events, sports, even going into philosophical essays… Oh, wait! This whole post was somewhat philosophical. Already over 500 words and nothing that actually happened!

I can only take solace in knowing that I already did make this big world a little smaller. A distant relative of Alex Popivker came across the family name mentioned in one of my old posts, and wrote a comment, which I forwarded to Alex. A hearty family reunion followed.

Among the things that did happen is Natasha had found a badminton club. There are actually a few in our vicinity. Bunch of people getting together after work – or otherwise demanding day – and playing for fun. Twice a week, anyone can come for nominal entry fee (or you can officially join for £100 a year, which allows you to participate in tournaments also). Most of the players there are stronger than her; ages from 20 to 80. She had fun and plans to make it a regular diversion.

Her and the kids also bought and decorated a holiday tree, under accompaniment of Чародеи on DVD. I am not a big fan of having a tree, but I must admit that the house has a much more festive feel with it.

As I mentioned before, Kimmy played a glamorous role of innkeeper in the Nativity play at her school. The role consisted solely of her letting the main characters into the inn, but she was among a few kids who were dressed up in nicely done outfits, sat in the middle of the stage, and participated in all songs. If there were Starring opening rolls, her name would be near the end… which is more what most of the other kids would get.

As a parting note, try googling burlaki. My front page comes up as a second main entry, after the famous Volga song. I have to experiment with taglines that will bring me up the list for blog-topic searches. If you try burlaki thames, you will get a link to one of my older posts on the front page, plus a bunch of links that have nothing to do with me, but have some mention of my blog entries. Must be the effect of pinging several blogging communities with every new post, which somehow generates possibly random references between blogs…