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So, what’s the plan?

I am officially on UK payroll effective October 1st. We have our work-permit visas, we found a very nice place to rent in London suburbia, our own house is on the market, we already sold one of our cars and some other house stuff and even held a garage sale – I guess, we are set to go.

The moving company comes to the house on the 28th and 29th of September, to pack and ship our belongings. Since we are not shipping everything, the house will remain habitable. I, however, will be flying to UK on the 30th, will spend a night at a hotel, and hopefully then will move into our rented place, which is, thankfully, nicely furnished. Natasha and kids are staying in the US through the end of October. I will be back in mid-October for a few days when we celebrate Becky’s 12th birthday. After which, we are off into the wild…