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I guess for the very first post of mine I should warmly welcome all readers and wax eloquent on the subject of how this blog might change the world…

Nah!!! If all goes as planned, this first post will be buried under a ton of others. Or not, and this little project of mine will die a quiet and boring death. And honestly, I tried writing on occasion, and realized many times over that I lack an important quality for a successful writer – not caring that the crap coming out from under your pen is… well… crap. I tend to be overly critical of my stuff – really, this one paragraph took me over 2 hours to compose, and it is still not up to my high standards…

But as I mentioned on the front page of my website, in this day and age, keeping in touch is best done over the wonderful medium of the world-wide web. And given the geographical distances between the four of us and most of our family and friends, it is simply imperative that I attempt to keep some sort of diary to allow those who care – Hi, Mom and Dad! – follow whatever adventures we bring onto our own heads.

So, check your expectations at the door, but you are more than welcome to read on.

Humbly yours,