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Car leasing in England

I so infrequently write on expat-related topics lately that a chance visitor to my blog may be turned off by the preponderance of family news and assorted filler stuff. To rectify that just a bit, let me spend a few minutes on something that I did not get into much detail in the past: Specifics

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Driver License, The End

UK driving license? Piece o’cake! After a lengthy process, which took much longer in terms of waiting than in terms of preparing or doing, and which left my wallet about £200 lighter, I am now a properly-licensed British driver as well. Well, ok, I did take a couple of hours of additional instruction this morning,

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A license, finally

Well, well, well, look who is now a fully licensed British driver. Natasha has passed her road test! She swears that taking three lessons with an instructor has helped her, so I guess I’ll do likewise. As I said before, the point was to practice the right tricks that ensure passing the test, and the

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More about cars

Continuing with the driving license thread, Natasha finally has scheduled her practical test for sometime in November, and in the meantime, decided to take a lesson or two. The rationale is obviously not to practice driving, but to practice passing the test. At the first lesson, as soon as she pulled out, the instructor remarked

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Theory test for UK driving license

NEWSFLASH: Natasha has passed the theory test for UK driving license with flying colors. I guess I might as well take an opportunity and describe what the test entails. It consists of two parts. The first is your basic multiple-choice how-well-you-know-the-rules-of-the-road affair. The questions range from very specific “What does this sign mean?” to vacuous

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English driver license

After promising it on several occasions, I am carrying on with my expatriate experience series of articles. The first entry dealt with relocation package specifics. This post is about UK driver licensing. A foreign resident in England who holds a valid driver license from abroad can use it without getting an English license for 12

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