My World Heritage roster

More for my own records than for public consumption – but, hey, feel free to peruse below the cut – here is my World Heritage sites roster, with links to my posts that contain relevant pictures. Links to UNESCO list inscriptions are provided as well, along with the year each site was added (in parenthesis).

I am using a liberal – and not entirely consistent – definition of “visited” for the purposes of this list. Basically, any site that I made a concerted effort to explore within the limits of accessibility counts as having been visited. For a geographical entity – such as a square, a city area, or a region – that is a simple criterion. For a historical or architectural monument, it gets more complicated: If interior access is possible, the site cannot be counted unless I stepped inside (as well as did not bypass the singular primary subject for which the monument is recognized, if such is clearly identified); conversely, if interior access is prohibited or allowed on rare basis, the site can be counted if I expressly stopped by to take photographs of its exterior.

The serial sites are counted if at least one part of it can be counted according to the loose definition above.


2015 Travel wrap-up

At the beginning of the last year, I wrote this piece on travel and obligations, where I predicted my travel plans for the year. Although the plans underwent changes as the year progressed, the outcome was pretty much what I had predicted: I ended up setting foot in 7 foreign countries over the course of[…]


Back from a trip south

We turn our attention to destinations within the great United States of ours rather infrequently. In half a dozen years since our repatriation from England there have been only a couple of pleasure/sightseeing-centric trips that we undertook without crossing international borders. There are several excuses I can cite for prioritizing mainly European destinations on our[…]


Scandinavia wrap-up

The serialized photo-diary of our recent Scandinavian trip is now completed, spanning 17 posts over the course of the last two+ months. In case someone never noticed the last paragraph in each of those posts and never perused the full gallery of 620 photos on Flickr, here are direct links to all Flickr albums related[…]


Back from Scandinavia

3 countries, all visited for the first time. 4 major towns, each explored in significant depth. Several day-trip excursions of varying durations. 6 UNESCO sites added to my collection. Travel between destinations using planes, trains, boats, buses, trams, metro, and an occasional taxi (not a single minute behind the wheel, though). Approximately 250,000 steps as[…]


Back from Quebec City

It has been nearly two years since the last time we took a family trip where all five of us were present. One could say it was overdue. So we decided to spend an extended weekend in Quebec City, which was a brand-new destination for all of us. The trip was smashing good – if[…]


Back from Netherlands

I just came back from a trip to Amsterdam and the rest of the Netherlands. The goals were to enhance my Amsterdam photo-archive as well as to visit and photograph as many World Heritage sites in the country as possible. I am happy to report that I achieved nearly the maximum planned targets (the only[…]


Back from Scotland

My oldest friend and I undertook a trip to Scotland this past week with the expressed goal of trying as many different Scottish whiskies as was humanly possible. Ok, not exactly true – this was his expressed goal. Unlike him, I have been on a Scottish whisky trail before and I am not what one[…]


Travel and obligations

In 2014, I visited 5 foreign countries – of which 3 were first-time visits for me – and added 11 World Heritage sites to my roster (admittedly, most of those featured on a single trip in a matter of two weeks). Certainly far above the average American intake of overseas travel. Definitely not too shabby[…]


A meal unlike any other

Imagine yourself, if you would, sitting on a terrace overlooking an amazing landscape. We will tentatively pin the place as a hamlet alongside Amalfi Coast, but it might as well be Albaicin in Granada, Amboise in Loire Valley, or any number of other places. The grand view is not a mandatory attribute – if all[…]


10 Movies for vicarious travel

My blogging angle has clearly become almost exclusively travel-oriented, and any self-respecting travel blogger has to have a list of his favorite travel movies. So here is my attempt to establish bona fides.

I set out with the goal of picking not just the movies filmed in gorgeous locations but those that allowed me to identify with the experiences of main characters. This whole idea of vicarious travel, you know… That did not work out in its entirety and I ended up with a list that well approximates the prevailing blogosphere wisdom.

1. A Good Year (2006)

A hot-shot playboy investment banker inherits a vineyard in the south of France and gradually discovers a different side of life – and love. Few people can truly identify with such fortune but I suspect many dream of it. Gorgeous Provençal landscapes provide the perfect setting for acting that is as simple as it is sparkling. A few quintessential London vignettes offer delightful contrast to the serenity of French countryside. And the movie offers the best ever put-down for the kind of obnoxious American tourists who think that every restaurant has to have their specific preferred meal on the menu: “MacDonalds is in Avignon, fish and chips in Marseille. Allez!”




Back from Italy

Over 2,200 kilometres by car. Nearly 150,000 steps (if the pedometer is to be trusted). A couple of thousand shots that should yield at least a couple of hundred additions to my public photostream. Six regions of the country that had dedicated stops on our itinerary. A dozen cities that we have not been to[…]


Back from Chicago

Seeing family who we do not get to see often enough, having kids spend quality play time with their cousins, and fitting in some sightseeing – that’s my recipe for a good time in Chicago. We took a portion of Easter week to visit my brother and his family. They reside in Windy City’s northern[…]


After a business trip

A recent business trip took me to two countries farther east that I’ve ever been and to one country that I have not visited since I was a kid (not counting the well-familiar fourth country where I had only an hour and a half between flights this time around). Here are a few quick observations.[…]


Back from Italy

All good things come to an end and our long-overdue family trip to Italy turned out to be no exception. It was fantastic. The trip gave us a chance to spend time at locales that we’ve never visited before as well as to return to some of our most favorite places. We drove and walked[…]


World Heritage sites

Gary Arndt travels the world. I never got into any details of how that came around, but he apparently made a lifestyle change about six years ago and since then had become a sort of celebrity in the travel photography field. I actually do not find either his prose on his blog or the photos[…]


Counting license plates

Driving around on our college tour, one of the games that we occupy ourselves with is searching for different license plates on surrounding vehicles. Up to this point, we managed to see license plates of 35 US states, plus Washington, DC, and 4 Canadian provinces. The most exotic – for a Yankee such as myself[…]