May 24, 2008

Hello and welcome!

If you are a new visitor to this website and especially if you linked here in search of expat information, you may be wondering whether you are in the right place. This little historical note might help.

This site, originally known as Burlaki on the Thames, was conceived in 2006 when our family relocated from the great state of New Jersey to live in England. For three years, this blog chronicled our adventures and travels, with emphasis on observations of Britain, British way of life and generally European living through the eyes of American expats.

Eventually, we collectively decided that we wanted to repatriate to the States and, since mid-summer of 2009, we have again been residing in NY/NJ metropolitan area. Since then, the blog acquired a somewhat travel-centric hue and demands of life and work dictate that it is being updated not very regularly.

Nonetheless, all of the writings that pertain to our expat experiences remain accessible within this space, by searching or by clicking through categories and archives. If you are an American expat who is looking for some insight, advice or an opinion, I hope you can still find something of value here even if it is dated. And I would be very happy to elaborate on anything you’d like, so feel free to email me if you have questions.

Thank you for reading!

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