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My favorite sights of Rome

Some people come to Rome for its millenia of history. Others may be attracted by the treasures found in the Vatican Museum as well as a number of lesser known galleries. Yet others explore architectural beauty of its many churches and palaces. Me, I come to Rome for its squares. We’ll start with a night-time

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Hooked on Beatles

Last weekend we went for a movie screening of the Beatles’ Yellow Submarine, shown as part of New York International Children’s Film Festival. Lifelong Beatles fan that I am, I have never actually seen the movie in its entirety before, so it was a treat (followed up by a nice dinner with friends at an

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Drive-by movie review: Hugo

It is brilliantly made. It deserves all of those non-acting Oscars that it received and probably a couple more (I loved the score and the overall editing was superb, but those two awards went elsewhere). And it directly speaks to our love of cinematography as a magical art form – the sentiment I share with

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Travel memories: I once bought a painting

We never pass up a chance to walk through a street market. Sampling foodstuffs, stopping to admire craftsmanship, checking out odd or antique objects on display – there is little in the form of free entertainment that beats that experience. Yet, we practically never buy anything, not being much into collecting things that we probably

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Carnegie Hall

I’ve heard it many times in the past that performing at the Carnegie Hall in New York always features among the major highlights of a musician’s career. Well, one of my children have gotten it out of the way at a pretty early stage. Becky and her high school choir participated in a program at

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