There are certain cities in America that have more than rudimentary tram networks (Boston springs to mind as an example), but in most places if you come across a tram line, it is primarily a curiosity rather than a major mode of transportation. Conversely, many major cities in Europe retain trams as either the principal[…]


A pavement art picture

The bonus side effect of my recently started new series is that perusing our photo archives I come across an occasional cool picture that I never posted anywhere. For instance, here is a shot of a pavement artist at work. It was taken in Florence, but could have been taken in any number of locales,[…]


Maiden name mishap

Among the recent junk in our mailbox, Natasha received a cruise offer. Straight to the recycling bin, normally. Except! This one was addressed to her maiden name, correctly spelled in all its 13-character glory. And yet, it had our current address. How would a marketing company be able to tie a long-unused maiden name with[…]


My favorite sights of Munich

Munich does not break into my top tier of favorite cities. I’ve only been there once for a few days, I liked it well enough, it is lively and welcoming, but I do not find it exceptionally beautiful or uncommonly impressive. Perusing my photo archives, I am struck by the realization that we did not[…]