Monthly Archives: November 2011


It’s been twenty years, America

In the last few years, among all of the celebrations of family birthdays, anniversaries, reunions, and even national holidays, this particular date has descended into relative obscurity. I might have completely forgotten it by now if my Mom did not bring it up during the Thanksgiving dinner the other day. Twenty years ago today our

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College tour wrap-up

Twelve universities. Roughly 3,200 miles driven. Plenty of impressions that started to crowd each other towards the end. A few obvious judgments and a number of decisions of greater nuance. Four additional colleges that did not fit into our travel plans were also in the mix. Two of those were from the cheaper/safer category. One

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Hacked but recovered

I have spent the last hour or so recovering my blog from backups after it was hacked by some f***ers who had replaced my WordPress installation with a single sound-hotlinked page in Arabic. On a plus side, I am pretty diligent with backups, so I was able to restore all of my stuff pretty quickly.

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College tour impressions: NYU

NYU had a chance to become my own alma mater. They blew that opportunity when I was offered way too few transfer credits based on my Russian undergraduate studies. (I went to a cheaper school that offered me full two years of transfer credits plus a generous merit-based scholarship.) I don’t hold grudges. And when

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