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Useless point of pride (and a bit of trivia you may not be aware of)

March 26th, 2011
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I learned somewhat accidentally the other day that when Russia moves their clocks one hour forward at the start of their summer daylight savings period this coming Sunday, it will be their last such time change. From that point on, people in Russia will no longer be adjusting their clocks back and forth twice a year.

I do not have strong feelings about daylight savings, but I do believe the concept long outlived its usefulness, if there ever was any, and as such, tend to lean towards disliking the disruption this worldwide practice causes everyone each spring and autumn.

So, I have a weird feeling of pride for my birth country taking the lead in something I find sensible. There aren’t that many things I can be proud of when it comes to present Russia, after all.


Philadelphia Flower Show 2011

March 12th, 2011

Recalling wonderful times in Europe when we rarely hesitated to get into a car and drive someplace for enrichment or entertainment, we took a trip to Philadelphia today for the flower exhibition at the Pennsylvania Convention Center. Here are a few quick shots.









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International Women’s Day

March 8th, 2011
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I live in a house full of women, so it behooves me to remember an occasion as important as the International Women’s Day. It used to be easier to remember in my youth, when the day was marked by a non-working state holiday (for either gender), but nowadays I simply rely on my wife to remind me.

So, regardless of whether you can stay bed and find yourself showered with inordinary amount of love and gifts, or go about your regular daily routine without much thought given to an obscure celebration in remote parts of the world, I wish you all, ladies, simply love and happiness without limits.

За прекрасных дам!