Monthly Archives: August 2010


My employer has this incredible 12-week paternity leave benefit. Yes, you read it right, paternity with a “p”. As in, the father of a newborn child can get 12 weeks off work with full pay. I know plenty of people who take advantage of that. In fact, I know one guy who seemingly takes advantage

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New York imagery: Bryant Park jugglers

On a nowadays rare workday spent in Manhattan, I had a chance to stroll through Bryant Park in New York Midtown. Around lunchtime, it held a City Library-sponsored book reading in one corner and a musical performance in another. Some people played ping-pong, while others idly lounged around. In yet another corner, there was an

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London Bridge gets visitors

Apparently, if you type “London Bridge” into Google Images search, the very first picture of nine millions that come up is that of London’s Tower Bridge from my fairly old public service announcement, marking it as not the London Bridge. As a result, that particular post has been receiving a huge number of visitors over

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A regular pretender

Perusing my long-neglected blog aggregator, I came across Brian’s attempt to analyze his writing style via an online gadget (which, I believe, other people tried as well). I was, for a short moment, idle, so I figured I should try that. The results? Unlike Brian (who was consistently pegged to the same author with every

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