Olympic coverage on NBC

What a joke NBC’s Olympic coverage is! A single Olympiad occurred during my time in Europe and, having watched it in two different countries, I was impressed with the coverage both on BBC and also on Italian TV. It was much closer to what I remember from my Soviet days, when during the Olympics, practically[…]


A simple truth

The best snow-blower is four guys with snow shovels. 20 minutes, 40 bucks, and I have not had even to step out of the house. I don’t know why they did not show up and offer their services after previous snowfalls, but I sure hope they’ll be showing up the next time.


Dress warmly

We were on Brighton Beach on Sunday for a visit to good friends. The area has been officially branded as “Little Russia by the Sea” since the last time I set foot there. True as ever, the vast majority of people on the streets are Russian emigrants. Natasha noted that Russian children that we saw[…]