Back from Virginia/DC

For our first family trip since coming back to the US, we decided on a pilgrimage to Our Nation’s Capital. Ok, not exactly. In truth, our old college friends have long settled down in Fairfax County, Virginia, and we’ve made several visits to stay with them over the years. The driving distance from us to[…]


Musical hits 40’s-90’s

I thought this was a really nice compilation of musical hits from 1940’s to 1990’s, so I figured I’d post a link here. It’s a Russian LiveJournal blog post, but the list is heavier on Western music rather than Russian. Those of my readers who are interested in rare insights into the Russian soul that[…]


YouTube’d memories: Hands Up

The other day, my teenager and I got into one of nowadays frequent verbal exchanges that end with her effectively telling me to mind my own business, since she is grown up and all that and is capable of going through life without her old man trying to teach her at every opportunity… With a[…]


18 again

My oldest friends still recall that November day years ago when I came to classes dressed in a tie and a suit. I don’t know about you but at the college I attended dressing like that marked you out among the crowd of fellow students. I explained that it happened to be my wife’s birthday[…]



From the “useless trivia about me” department: I always typed with just three fingers. Middle and index fingers of my right hand and index finger of my left – more than sufficient for yours truly. Thumbs for spacebar and some limited use for the other middle finger, otherwise. I am reasonably fast at that, too.[…]


Future travels

When I last tried to solicit questions from my readership, Tamila jokingly suggested that planning a grand Asian trip would occupy my mind for a while. I don’t think we’re ready for any adventure of such kind as yet, but I did put away a simple idea for a post on the heels of that:[…]


Americans abroad

A person decides to go for a week-long trip to Paris with her teenage daughter. Neither of them have travelled much before, especially to Europe, and they’ve never been to France. Neither of them is much interested in history, art or architecture. They picked Paris as a holiday destination because, well, it is one of[…]


Information flow

I’m watching the Yankees on TV last night. Becky, who does not have school in the morning, does whatever it is that she does on her laptop in her bedroom. The Yanks win the game and clinch the World Series. As delighted as I am, my outward reaction is purposefully muted, on account of Kimmy[…]


National Debt clock

Every day after work I walk by the National Debt “clock” on 44th Street near 6th Avenue. Here is a not very good picture from last night (damn the return to standard time! – I can’t get out of the office before it’s dark anymore and my pocketcam is not very good at taking night[…]



I am a rare European-born and raised naturalized American who gets baseball. For most of my fellow emigrants, the game is too static, too full of seemingly inconsequential action when only a couple of people seem to get involved (for instance, when the batter takes a ball), and not very athletic on the surface –[…]


A true Halloween

Finally, a Halloween to my kids’ liking. As I mentioned on a few occasions in the past years (for instance, here), the girls did not get to enjoy much of the Halloween in England. Back in the States, it is all different. Houses decorated in dozens inventive ways, with whole Christmas-like moving displays and blow-up[…]