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Technological advances

For a reasonably technologically-savvy person, I sometimes find myself utterly amazed by what nowadays technology can offer. Like, for instance. I’ve been wearing glasses since my early teens. One pair of glasses that I got myself roughly 20 years ago were so called “chameleons” – the specs that would become tinted in the sunlight. I

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B[b]otH interview: Becky

It took me a while to follow up on Geo’s excellent suggestion, but I finally started to sit down with members of my family to get their thoughts on living in England and being back in America. First up, the teen. Burlaki [back] on the Hudson: So, what did you like the most about England?

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Belated birthday note

In the fourth year of this blog’s existence, I regressed to the point of neglecting to commemorate one of my children’s birthday. Let’s pretend that it was by design and that I wanted to conceal the fact that I am old enough to have a 15-year-old daughter… Becky’s birthday kicked off our fall celebration season

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Pear and almond cream tart

Following on one of the notes from yesterday, we are expecting friends over tonight. Natasha is in her element in the kitchen, and here is a dessert she made:     Pear and Almond Cream Tart (serves 6). Ingredients: 3 firm pears lemon juice 3/4 pound shortcrust or sweet shortcrust pastry 1 tbsp peach brandy

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Of scars

Tania asked during my recent attempt at a Q&A session: [What] interesting scars [do you have] and how you got them? I don’t have much to flaunt in this regard, to be honest. I am only aware of two scars on my entire body, both of which were acquired by the time I was barely

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Back from КСП

Combining an outdoor outing with an important staple of our newly-congested social calendar, we went this weekend to the semi-annual КСП festival. КСП, as I once mentioned, is loosely translated into English as Author-performed Song Club. It is a cultural tradition widely spread amongst ex-Soviet intelligentsia: Gathering together around a table – or better yet,

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Checked my Analytics stats for the first time in G-d-knows-how-many-weeks and realized how wholesome and boring the searches that lead people to my website are. Fully two-thirds of all the searches can be fairly coherently attributed to specific subjects of my posts (over a quarter of all searches are to do with questions related to

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High winds in New Jersey. A big branch split off a tree at the edge of our front lawn. Natasha always had a lumberjack fantasy. Not what you thought!       By the time I came home, she already talked a neighbor into taking a chainsaw to the thickest parts… The lawn is clean,

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A little A in Q&A

It’s been almost three weeks since I, in one of the occasional troughs of my blogging “career”, asked my faithful readers for help in generating content in this space. Since then, by force of circumstances, I managed to ignore the resulting questions (although, coincidentally, a large portion of my recent output dealt directly with the

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Shopping in recession

Natasha was shopping for new beds and mattresses before we could move into the new house. She walked into a local franchise of Sleepy’s. The shop was empty save for a lone salesperson. He eagerly approached his prospective customer and offered his help. What followed was an in-depth investigation of the entire stock. Natasha first

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