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… and a pond

We have a nice pond with a little waterfall and fish in the garden.     It caused us quite a lot of pain in the run up to closing the house purchase. We’ve been given several versions of the events by various sources, and were finally able to piece it all together. The previous

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House pictures

Spending all of my free time – however little of that! – in making “my” part of the house (offices, computers, assorted electronics) presentable, I am still a few days away from resuming some semblance of settled-down existence. And blogging. In the meantime, due to overwhelming demand, here are a few pictures of our new

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No-car commute

An unexpected hold-over from my days on British Isles – I don’t use a car on my commute. We now live only about a mile away from the nearest commuter bus stop. So I walk. My stop is one of the major ones on the same service that I used to take years ago when

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In my own bed

Sleeping in my own bed is nice. It’s not just the fact that we bought nice and soft new mattresses, which are a huge improvement over anything that I remember sleeping on in my life. It’s not only the quiet neighborhood, the chirping of crickets – or whatever the little buggers are – the only

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Moving in

I haven’t been wearing my pedometer today, which is a pity, because I must have hit a new daily record with all running up and down the stairs. The movers are here to deliver our old stuff. The stuff that largely has no place in this new house of ours. It’ll take a while to

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It happened!

You’ve noticed, no doubt, my general reluctance to discuss our house hunting and purchase beyond vague allusions to things not going too smoothly. I’m going to rectify that now. Why now? Well, it is with a great amount of relief – satisfaction, I hope, will settle in later – that I can announce that my

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Questions wanted

In the past, a 6-day interval between posts on this blog would invariably mean that I was on a trip to some fun and rewarding destination. At present, not so much. I still don’t have a writing angle that I want to be exploring in depth, and I’m increasingly lukewarm to posting “recurring features” for

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15 Movies Meme

In the absence of truly original content, I sought to fall back on a gimmick today, that being the trebly-symmetric date of 09/09/09. Except, to keep the symmetry intact, I would have to talk about something related to the Olympic Games, as I did both on 07/07/07 and on 08/08/08. Alas, Olympics are lately as

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Back from Chicago

You did not think I’d stay put for long after repatriating, did you? Actually, I did not expect myself that my first travel experience back in America would happen so soon. My brother and his family never made it to London in the three years that we lived there. I did see them on a

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