YouTube’d memories: Friends in Low Places

Ok, still no time – or fodder – for regular blogging, so how about going back to an old recurring feature… I mentioned somewhere that I went through a period of being much into country music in my 20’s. That coincided with the peak of fame for Garth Brooks, and there were quite a few[…]


Not sure about that one…

Many of my online friends did this test and, for lack of any other entertainment herein, I finally decided I needed to start using fillers again… … except I was not actually ready to do justice to a 120-item questionnaire, so the result turns out to be rather random. Human? Check. The rest? Really!? And[…]


TV commercials

A quick observation that I cannot properly quantify: We’ve been struck over the last few days how much more commercial time there is on American TV as compared to the channels we watched in England. It feels as if every 6-7 minutes there is a 3-4 minute commercial break. Our recollections of the British TV[…]


Quick notes on costs

For a casual cell-phone user, the cost of the service in Britain is a proven expense that is considerably lower than here in the US. The difference is in the treatment of incoming minutes. In UK, they are free. On a pay-as-you-go scheme, one conceivably can have zero balance on their account, yet use their[…]


Sleeping like a log

A number of my friends heard me in recent months complain that I had started to have sleeping problems. Old age, I’d say. No matter which ungodly hour I choose to go to bed, it would take me at least an hour of tossing and turning to fall asleep. And if a certain little person[…]


Road works

What is more expensive: Paying two guys minimum salary to stand at each end of the roadwork area and coordinate alternating two-way traffic over one open lane, or put two electric generators with portable traffic lights in each position instead? I don’t know the answer, but the “people” solution definitely reduces unemployment. This is one[…]


A little apology

My regular readers will have to forgive me for being mostly incommunicado these past days. Those whose personal web pages I regularly read myself will have to doubly forgive me for being continuously absent for the longest time. And those who expected a phone call from me arranging for a meet in near future, further[…]