More adventures in air travel

I don’t know what Meg Ryan felt – she was on the same flight with us, but on the lower deck, – but we were quite miffed with how America greeted us. The plane departed on-time, and everything was going on swimmingly until after all preparations for landing were made. That was when the captain[…]


Day #1032

I can’t escape the feeling that I may never be back. Come on, you say, this is London you are talking about, surely a restless traveler such as yourself will come to London as a tourist eventually. Hmm… I don’t know. Except for Scotland, which we practically left aside, we explored all of the places[…]


Last time in Central London

Our last weekend in London. Our last visit to Central London. Do you think that London did its best to collaborate weather-wise on such an occasion? Nope. Could any more lines of National Rail and the Tube be suspended “for planned engineering works” on the only day that we had an opportunity to say a[…]


Back from Costa Brava

Our last European holiday for the foreseeable future was by far the laziest of them all. We came to the place that we knew quite well from the previous year. We spent time alternating between the beach and the pool. We went to a few nearby picturesque locations for brief excursions, but not to a[…]


YouTube’d memories: Voyage Voyage

Another one of those huge Euro-hits of the late 80’s that were so popular in our discotheques. And another one of one-song performers for me… The song obviously speaks to my wanderer inclinations. You could guess that even if your knowledge of French does not go far beyond the title…     Sergej Minaev (who[…]


Kimmy the Swimmer (redux)

Continuing with Kimmy’s activity farewells, she had her last swimming lesson. During which she had to pass an exam. A 200 meters medley: Backstroke, butterfly, breaststroke, free style, 50 meters each. In one go! She passed with flying colors. The swim was not timed, but according to eyewitnesses – Natasha – the kid was motoring[…]


A dream fulfilled

I have been working from home quite regularly in the last ten years or so. Not having to suffer through the commute at least once every couple of weeks, if not more frequently, is both a perk and a fairly common arrangement in technology1. I always had a dedicated “home office” that I could work[…]


Preparations, 07/07/09

It is a bit eerie how fast a house full of assorted belongings and various junk becomes a house full of neatly stacked boxes. Three guys showed up at our door this morning. I gave them a brief tour of the land and they went about their business. Just a few hours later, most of[…]


Cheers for independence

For the 4th of July, occasional British restaurants – and especially pubs – promote special deals, and even some shops end up having “Independence Day” sales. Nothing major, fairly sporadic, but it sticks out precisely because it is so uncommon. And it always makes me wonder: You guys realize independence from who is being celebrated[…]


Car leasing in England

I so infrequently write on expat-related topics lately that a chance visitor to my blog may be turned off by the preponderance of family news and assorted filler stuff. To rectify that just a bit, let me spend a few minutes on something that I did not get into much detail in the past: Specifics of an auto lease in England.

Anyone not interested in this bit of trivia is hereby excused from reading below the cut.