Name that house

Houses in England often have names in addition to street numbers. Sometimes, they have names in place of street numbers, with the mailing address simply saying something like “Barton House, Gloucester Road”. This throwback practice is still very much in use in rural parts of the country, but even in central London, every respectable building[…]


Not even a little

From an actual conversation in a medical office: X-ray technician: Are you pregnant at all? Natasha [after a pause]: No, not even a little. This is one of those linguistic differences that we explored elsewhere. Brits insist on adding “at all” to questions very frequently, and that throws us off. We view that as a[…]


Kids-related notes, 04/23/09

Kimmy has been asking Natasha to arrange for a “fun” birthday party for her this year (it’s still two months away, but it’s never too early to start thinking of one’s birthday, according to Kimmy), as opposed to our normal choice of a party in our back garden. Her interests fluctuate between a swimming party[…]


Not very nomadic

Nathan, who often said in the past that he hates memes1, has actually created a meme of his own, listing the places that he resided in during his eventful life. I put together my own similar list and realized that I actually did not move around that much in my life. (Nathan’s rules are, basically,[…]


You have to see this!

My brother has scanned and posted a couple of childhood photos with both him and me in the picture. Anyone interested, please feel free to head over there and take a look. The first picture must be from 1978, given the age I’m guessing the brother to be at the time. The second picture is[…]


Getting summer-y

The April summer of previous years is late to materialize this year. It’s been reasonably sunny and pleasant for the last few days, but still on the cooler side of things. That does not prevent a large segment of young English women to adopt a summer-y dress code. We went out to central London for[…]


Back from Central Europe

Two major destinations, three new countries, and, not the least importantly, eight days of almost uninterrupted sunshine – that was the tally of our long-awaited new adventure. We started with three days in Krakow. On our way from the airport to the hotel upon arrival, Natasha and I had the most vivid flashbacks to our[…]


Musical Tiramisu: Stumblin’ In

No specific memories here, just one of my old favorites. Wikipedia suggests that in 1978 this song rose to the US Top 10, so it might not be totally obscure to my American-born readers, even though Chris Norman and Smokie were primarily superstars in Europe, and Suzy Quatro, an American, was, at best, a B-list[…]


Back from China

Well, at least, one of us is. Becky has returned from her school trip, properly enchanted with the Far East, although expressly for reasons other than I might imagine myself being excited about. Most notably, she was impressed with the enthusiastic reception that she and her classmates were met with wherever they went. She gave[…]


Me, all happy inside

Apropos of nothing, here is a picture of me attending to my most favorite activity – strumming the guitar in a friendly company. With a wine glass within an easy reach – or at least, prominently in the background.     This was taken during the New Year’s celebration at our house. Yeah, yeah, I[…]


Remembering high school

I haven’t done one of them meme things in a while, so I am happy to pick one from Jason. The meme is centered on my high school memories, which I am sure is a subject that will hold a lot of my readers enthralled, given the fact that my high school experience was so much different from that of an American high-schooler of yesteryear.


YouTube memories: Besame Mucho

Sunny spring weather (for the last couple of days, at least). Love is in the air (or so the common wisdom dictates – I don’t feel any more amorous than usual). It feels fitting to choose a well-known love song for the next helping of my musical memories. In fact, the not so straight-forward Besame[…]