Monthly Archives: January 2009

House search update

We took the girls to see the one house that we liked among those that we saw on our first house-hunting outing. They loved it. Becky was quite amenable to the idea of having her own “apartment” made out of the ground-floor reception room. Kimmy was altogether enchanted by the bedroom that she called. We

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Happy blogger

Fellow UCF’er Shawn a couple of days ago posted seven very good tips for being a happy blogger. At first, I claimed in comments that I already follow all of his advice, but just a few days later I come to one of my periodic blogging crossroads, where I want to maintain a “nearly-every-day” frequency

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Hungarian mushroom soup

Over the last decade or so, I have become very much a soup aficionado. Not that I did not eat soups before – even beyond borsch, various soups and broths are an essential component of East European cuisine. But it is only in fairly recent years that I started finding myself unable to refrain from

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Singing in Vienna

It’s a story that long begged to be immortalized in writing, and I finally decided to give it a try. I might even start a whole new category with it, aiming to relay some of the more remarkable and/or memorable experiences from our travels. Imagine Vienna. Among end-of-day things to do in the Austrian capital,

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A new house-hunt

I don’t know exactly how it happened, but having publicized our reasons for dissatisfaction with our current residence, we suddenly found ourselves seriously contemplating a novel idea: How about we finally look for another place to stay? There is a big question whether we will be able to repatriate this summer, and if we do

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Musical Tiramisu: Bamboleo

It’s been a dismal week so far, and I need a pick-me-up. So, I’m branching out of my regular memories on YouTube series, to better include songs that do not necessarily constitute a specific memory (to be honest, some of my entries in the “memories” feature were not truly associated with specific reminiscences), but rather

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blogging RSS feed

I know there is a handful of people out there who subscribe to my RSS feed via FeedBurner (which is where the “Subscribe” button on the navigation bar pointed to until today). FeedBurner was bought by Google some time ago, and they are gradually getting around to migrating their service to a different platform. I’ve

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Pork with Mixed Green Beans

Kitchen experiments by Natasha and Becky continue in earnest. Here is the latest entry: Pork with Mixed Green Beans. Serves 4 2tbsp vegetable or groundnut oil 2 shallots, chopped 225g/8oz pork fillet, thinly sliced 2.5cm/1” piece of root ginger, thinly sliced 2 garlic cloves, chopped 300ml/10oz chicken stock 4 tbsp chili sauce 4 tbsp crunchy

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Hail to the (New) Chief!

I have little doubt my RSS aggregator today will overflow with statements from everyone and everybody on how momentous today is. How the removal of “Elect” from President Obama’s official designation finally gives us a leader that we can wholeheartedly cheer for and adore. How thankful we need to be to be delivered from the

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A bit of classical interlude

Kimmy, Natasha and I went to a classical music concert on Sunday. A local foundation organized a series of concerts “to bring classical music to the kids”. These are more than just concerts, as the performers talk about their instruments, demonstrate various techniques, let children “conduct” certain pieces and otherwise keep them entertained. The idea

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Discount air travel, revisited again

I commented a few times in the past (most notably here and here) that the notion of cheap air travel on discount airlines within Europe is rarely as good as advertized. How about another example? We are planning to fly to Costa Brava in the summer. There are two airports in the area directly connected

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Mid-January movie roundup

I’ve been searching for something to write about and I realized that in the first half of the month, I’ve already seen 9 movies that I had not seen before. A regular feature to the rescue! Eastern Promises 2007 Good Luck Chuck 2007 Lions for Lambs 2007 Little Miss Sunshine 2006 Lucky You 2007 The

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Simpsonized portraits

My brother asked about the avatar that now pops up next to my comment replies on this blog. It is a simpsonized me, that I have long been using as Gravatar for blogs that support that service. The big picture looks like this:   I think it certainly resembles me. Don’t you agree? Just to

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Almond Macaroons

Over the holidays, we had plenty of opportunities to expand on the series started with this post. Unfortunately, my efficiency in getting to the table ready to eat continuously interfered with any thought of making a food-related post. Last night, as Natasha was making one of her favorites, she decided that I have been remiss

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