French motorway signs

A pretty interesting observation from our regular drives in and through France are the “nearby attraction” billboards on French freeways. These are normally positioned some distance ahead of their corresponding exits and pictorially depict the most important stuff that you might want to check out if you suddenly decide to turn off there. I don’t[…]


Early-week quizzery

A couple of fun quizzes that I picked over at Jason’s hit the mark in regards to my self-awareness. Your result for What Your Taste in Art Says About You Test… Balanced, Secure, and Realistic. 25 Impressionist, -1 Islamic, 1 Ukiyo-e, -22 Cubist, -11 Abstract and -5 Renaissance! Impressionism is a movement in French painting,[…]


Looking at stats

I check my blog stats practically every day, more out of idle curiosity than for any marketing insight. The traffic to my site is pretty steady, not in the grand sense of the word, but in terms of an established small core audience, and it fluctuates wildly only on days when I post a mildly[…]


Awesome architecture

My friend Irene has clued me on to this great collection of unusual architectural wonders of the world over at Village of Joy. There are a few among the 100 – don’t forget to click on Part 2 link – that I’ve seen up close, but not too many. So much yet to see.


The line of defense against lunacy

I’ve been reluctant to blog about this, because I’m always wary of providing cheap publicity to quacks such as Walter L. Wagner. A number of my online penpals, however, have done tons of research to expose him as nothing but a lunatic. I suppose every link counts in cementing lead positions for appropriate posts in[…]


A bit of quiz fun

I picked up a couple of fun quizzes at my brother’s. It’s a bit misleading, actually. I inexplicably screwed up the villain from Men in Black, but I also blindly guessed Jack Nicholson’s character, and with only two female villains, I had a 50/50 chance of correctly guessing the first one and then a single[…]


The Rays?

I realize this morning that my attempt at congratulating my Red Sox fan friends (I can name only a couple off the top my head, anyway) last year has had a desired effect for at least this year: Boston is not going to the World Series this time around. But I don’t know if I[…]


A trip to Rochester

We dithered a bit in the morning whether to go anyplace or stay home. Early in the week, we sort of decided that if the weather was nice on Sunday, we’d pick one of the nearby points of interest that we have not yet visited and go there. In the morning – which was awfully[…]


Happy Birthday, Becky!

This year, Becky started celebrating her birthday a bit ahead of time, with a now commonplace invasion of her schoolmates for a sleepover. I customarily holed myself up in my study, trying in vain to ignore the squealing that permeated the house. Today started very similarly to that famous day fourteen years ago – Natasha[…]