Yay for hot water!

The hot water is back. It seems that the “immersion” heater was wired improperly and lacked a rather essential fuse. The effing thing never ever worked before!!! And nobody – not the landlord, not his agent, certainly not the repair guys – knew about it. Anyway, the slightly harassed repairmen made their third visit to[…]


YouTube’d memories: Lambada

The other day we went with friends for a dinner to a trendy place in Mayfair. The meal itself was exceptional, the company was extraordinary, and live entertainment – first a virtuoso keyboardist and then a belly dancer – made the evening all the more fun. Among the songs played (and danced to) there was[…]


Cold and unwashed

No hot water in the house and – although we are not yet in dire need of it – no heating. The heating unit has lost its ability to pump hot water, instead filling the house with loud banging in the pipes. It had to be turned off. There is a backup electric water heater,[…]


Can’t we all be friends!?

My father-in-law who arrived for a visit last night brought me the t-shirt that you can see in the picture on the right. As an American citizen of Russian birth and British residence, I find the sentiment very appropriate. Click to enlarge. For my non-Russian audience, the best translation of what’s printed on the t-shirt[…]


A swim at lunchtime

About a year ago, I started going to the gym. And a few months later, I stopped (an event not expressly commemorated on this blog). Part of that was certainly that I lack mental make-up to enjoy the tedious process of exercising. To put it more bluntly, I hate it. With a proper video entertainment[…]


YouTube’s memories: Under the Paris Skies

Many thanks, Michelle, for your postcard with a magnificent view of the Teton Range in the Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming. As I never tire of repeating, sights like that help feeding my wanderlust. I actually have been re-living some of our recent travels by converting travel diaries into proper Travelog entries. As I[…]

Blank note pinned to corkboard

Questions, anyone?

It occurred to me a while after writing the previous post that there may be topics of interest to my readers that do not cross my mind on their own. Therefore, here’s an open solicitation for all manner of questions that people may want to hear answers to on my blog. Feel free to leave[…]


A social butterfly

I find the label funny, but I think the description matches how I perceive myself (which is not to say that my friends must perceive me the same way – but I hope they do, except that “fake” stuff). Your result for The Social Proficiency Test… SOCIAL BUTTERFLY You scored a total of 38 out[…]


A good playground makes us happy

In my city-vs-suburbia post, I made a mention of the fact that there is nary a good playground in the vicinity of our rented place in Mottingham. My family recently discovered that one of Becky’s friends lives by a very good one in Falconwood, some 15 minutes away from us by car. The day was[…]