Food tasting meme

Reading through the backlog of my blog aggregator, I came across a meme that I could not pass by, courtesy of Jason.

The instructions:

  1. Copy the list into your blog or journal, including these instructions.
  2. Bold all the items you’ve eaten.
  3. Cross out any items that you would never consider eating (or eating again).
  4. Optional extra: Post a comment at linking to your results. (The original list there provides links to Wiki articles on all of the less obvious items, which I decided not to replicate.)

When it comes to food, I am reasonably adventurous in trying almost anything once. However, there are food components and whole groups that I intensely dislike; knowing in advance that the food item contains one of those will keep me from trying it. My commentary to the items on the list reflect that.

The list – and some commentary – is below the fold.


Back from Tuscany

Man, I seriously hate England right now! It is becoming a nagging refrain this summer, but sunny skies and hot but bearable temperatures see me off at our latest stop – this time, in Tuscany, – and overcast and cold weather is what greets me in the Blighty. Heavy rain started when I was literally[…]


A dyeing failure

Becky has been pestering me for quite a while to dye my hair black – she thinks I’m way past looking distinguished with all of that gray, and now just look old. So I bought Just for Men dye and tried it last night. Amateur that I am, I realized a couple of things only[…]


Politicians and the economy

My friend Brian has a rather illustrative commentary on the relationship our leading politicians have with the economy. I urge you to head over and read for yourselves, but here is a quick summary. When President Bush lifted the executive ban on off-shore drilling a month ago, he was soundly scorched from the left for[…]

Blank note pinned to corkboard

No new pictures for the moment

I hate to disappoint people waiting for recent pictures from us, but they are unlikely to appear until some time in September. We, as a rule, post photos only after our resident Photoshop maestro, Natasha, had a chance to apply some improving touches to frequently already brilliant shots, and in her absence, I feel neither[…]


WordPress customization is quick

WordPress is tailor-made for customization once you have the layout of your page pinned down. Then, you only have to play around with your stylesheet parameters to get your site looking just as you want it. It gets a bit more annoying if you decide to expropriate someone else’s theme as your new look and[…]


July movie roundup

Surprising myself, I had a stretch of watching a movie roughly every other day in the first half of July.

I am not too keen on watching movies piecemeal, and my usual daily itinerary rarely leaves a two-hour block to watch one of our DVDs or one of the recordings accumulating on my PVR. Late at night, when the kids retire to their bedrooms, Natasha and I are more likely to watch a recorded episode of one of our favorite US TV dramas than a movie. We, maybe, get to watch 4-5 movies a month. But in early July, Natasha was occupied with our visiting dignitaries and worked through the photos that we kept shooting, so I regularly found myself left to my own devices after 10pm or so. Since my PVR archive contains mostly movies that I doubt Natasha has any interest in watching, I started to work through it a little.

I revisited old favorites such as Midnight Run and one of the few comparatively recent movies that I had actually managed to watch in a theater before, The Bourne Ultimatum (which I like the best of the trilogy). I also watched several titles for the very first time. The following are brief impressions.


Let the Games begin

The Olympic opening ceremony is about to start, and I realize that for the first time since I became actively aware of the wonderful medium of television I will not be watching Olympic Games that much. It’s not because I’ve always felt it was an irresponsible acquiescence to award the Games to an oppressive regime.[…]


Brett Favre a Jet

In most sports that I follow, besides rooting for a favorite home team, I have individual favorite players, whose teams transitively get my allegiance as well. For instance, I’ve been partial in the past to the Detroit Red Wings because of all the Russian players on their roster or the Utah Jazz while John Stockton[…]


An [un]expected present

I received a package today from my UCF friend Janiece. Since I am pretty sure that everyone else in the group had received theirs ahead of me (I am one of only two “offshore” members of the club, and the other person is “near offshore”), I can safely divulge what her Super Secret UCF project[…]