Monthly Archives: February 2008


The Lion King musical

We went to see the Lion King at the Lyceum Theatre in London last night. Confirming what I have been hearing for years, it’s a tremendous show, with imaginative colorful costumes and contraptions depicting various animals, and simple but expressive sets. The acting, I felt, was a bit on the mediocre side, but that cannot

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Another parenting milestone

This week heralded another milestone in our parenting life: For the first time ever, we let Becky use public transportation all on her own. The determining factor was scheduling: When Kimmy has her swimming lessons on Wednesdays, Becky needs to stay in school resource center for over an hour after classes, until Natasha can drive

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Either doors or phones

The property management agency for our landlord has decided that doors and windows of the laundry room need to be replaced. Fine by us – it’s not like we are paying. The contractors did not show up when they were expected several weeks ago, but except for a little annoyance – after all, Natasha planned

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Road tax

The concept of vehicle registration in Britain is substituted by the notion of the road tax. Same thing, different name, really, except that the proof of you having paid the tax – known as the Tax Disc – has to be prominently displayed on your windshield (while the proof of inspection does not). The real

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Back from Alps

We are back from our excellent Alpine adventure, and since I am sure that everyone is anxious to hear about it, here is a brief recap.     Yes, the skies were azure, the snow was sparkling, the setting was altogether gorgeous, and we enjoyed ourselves tremendously. My three ladies skied as much as was

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London’s Low Emission Zone

The indefatigable London mayor, Ken Livingstone, has just inaugurated a low emission zone (LEZ) scheme. It establishes stinging fees – £200 per trip – for high-polluting vehicles’ privilege of driving within Greater London. The heaviest lorries are subject to restrictions effective today, while other lorries, buses, coaches, minibuses and large vans will be phased in

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