Monthly Archives: December 2007

Twelve months, one sentence at a time

A meme that I picked up via my favorite bloggers Brian Greenberg and Jason Bennion asks the author to re-post the first sentence of the first blog entry in each of the previous year’s 12 months. Similar to Brian’s and Jason’s compilations, mine ended up somewhere between esoteric and nonsensical. The fact that my blog

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Requiem to snail mail

The weather turned decisively cold – every morning now I have to scrape frost off the windshield. No expectations of snow, though. Duh!!! Over the last few days, I have been reminded how little a part snail mail plays in our lives these days. Not the official paperwork, or some useless spam, but good old

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More than active

The period of heightened activity continued this week, further distancing us from the rash statement of generic boredom along the path blazed last week and weekend. Wednesday, specifically, turned out to be quite a busy day for Natasha. She first got kids out of school in the middle of the day to take them to

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