Small triumphs

Just like the old times – a work week from hell. Unreliable vendor, spotty testing, can’t-miss regulatory deadlines, all-hands-on-deck firefight – many of you would easily recognize a basic run-of-the-mill software release… As a result, I have been coming home after 9pm every day this week. Mind you, I am not actually doing anything to correct the issues. I mostly do what bosses normally do, which is butt in unnecessarily with regular update demands… Well, ok, I also add some levity to the proceedings by showcasing my superior sense of humor…


Happy Birthday, blog!

Exactly one year ago, I wrote my very first post in this space. In certain sense, I am amazed that I lasted this long. But I did, and it is time to raise a pint to being a seasoned writer. Or, at least, to being stubborn and dedicated, even if the end result is of questionable value…

So, do I have any deep thoughts on the first anniversary of my blog?


New commute horrors

Some bloke knocked on our door a couple of days ago and offered Natasha to wash our car. And wash he did, inside and out, stopping just short of waxing. The car is disgustingly clean. The job cost quite a lot compared to what we’d pay at a car-wash in the US, £13, but the premium for convenience and quality is likely worth it.

He promised to come back again in a month – now, that may be overdoing it. I probably never washed my car more than a couple times a year in New Jersey…


How many of me

Here is a quick useless Internet toy for you (with a tip of the hat to Jason Bennion): HowManyOfMe.com There are0 people with my name in the U.S.A. How many have your name? The funny thing is not the fact that this supposedly U.S. Census Bureau-backed database does not know that I exist (one could[…]


Last week’s recap

On Wednesday I thought, I don’t feel like posting right after 9/11, I’ll write something Thursday. On Thursday, I went out for drinks with co-workers, and after a few beers, whatever little desire for blogging I might have had was encompassed by the strong desire for bed…


On September 11th

Today is the first anniversary of the September 11th tragedy on which I have my own personal podium. I would like to use it to say something poignant or momentous in commemoration of the day that changed so many of us. Alas, nothing comes to mind. Whatever little eloquence I might possess, it utterly deserts[…]