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What England Does Better

I frequently rant about things that we do not like in England (the last obvious example of that was the driving license treatise), and even wrote a post once about things that we took for granted in the States. But occasionally, we come across a concept that makes us think, Why don’t they do it

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Classical music and football support

There is nothing quite like a classical music concert to take your mind off mundane happenstance, even if the first piece of the program is somewhat disturbing Also sprach Zarathustra, by Richard Strauss (which has been immortalized by Kubrick’s 2001: Space Odyssey, but is more likely to be associated with Что? Где? Когда? for most

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More solitary endeavors

I felt quite pathetic that I stayed indoors for such a lovely day on Sunday, so I decided to do a bit better on Monday. This was the last pre-Christmas day off (with an oh-so-imaginative name of Summer Bank Holiday), and it was very tempting – sunny, fresh, not too hot… So, what can I

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Boredom on a sunny day

My lonely life has got so boring that I actually spent an hour vacuum-cleaning the house today. Hopefully, Natasha does not get any ideas… The entire week was rainy and cold. It appeared as if the autumn came early, and that after a protracted non-summer. I’ve heard people say that they started turning heat on

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Lonely guy’s diary

Saturday Got a haircut, then spent all day in front of the PC, working through the list of computer-enabled errands. Stock market has been beyond depressing. Watched a previously recorded movie – crap. At least, the football season started, caught some games on the late-night re-cap. Sunday Woke up at 8 in the morning. On

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Of quietness and rumbunctiousness

Tuesday morning it was some water leak in front of my driveway. Today it was the full-blown watermain burst at the busy intersection between our rented house and the train station. The intersection is made up of the street that we live on and the major dual-lane thoroughfare (known simply as A20) that eventually becomes

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Licenses and passports

On our trip to the States, we had to take care of renewing two sets of important documents. One was our New Jersey driving licenses, which, as luck would have it, expired on July 31st. Having had determined with my accountant – thanks, Mom! – that possession of a valid driver license did not negatively

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Travails of travel (not really)

I was woken up this morning by the wonderful sound of jackhammer right under my window. Two nice blokes informed me that there was some water leak that they would be repairing for the next hour… Looking at the bright side, I might have overslept work if not for them… The jet lag normally does

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Home is where your heart is

Of late, I have been using the word home in several different connotations. First of all, without a doubt, my home is the country that I love, the country where I spent my entire adult life, the country where an immigrant with no money but a reasonably high IQ has the proverbial Dream within just

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Pardon the Interruption

My British colleagues are happily exclaiming that the summer is finally here. From my perspective, the weather is a lot more like spring than summer, but with no rain, and it certainly makes it feel considerably more cheerful. Too bad we won’t be around for a while. Let’s feel the embrace of undoubtedly scorching and

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