Monthly Archives: May 2007

About weather and other fun

Good weather is here again. Or was here for a few days, since they promise rain throughout the weekend. Actually, they promised that the rain would start sometime Friday afternoon, but the skies, while cloudy, are still not very rainy-like. Could I extrapolate from it that the entire rain-all-weekend prediction was bogus? Probably not… In

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Of singing and blogging

Of all her various endeavors, Becky lately has been concentrating on singing a bit more. She lacks a strong voice, but she definitely has a musical ear and she loves to sing. It helps the matters that at her school, every Year 7 student has to participate in the choir. Last week the school gave

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Political debates to avoid

Our guests have returned home, and we have a brief lull until the next visitors arrive. It is disgustingly quiet in the house, and we are all going through some sort of detox. We are each trying to find activities to fill an otherwise dull day. Kimmy prepared invitations for her birthday (we plan on

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About my temperament

I took a curious personality test at work the other day and figured it’s worth describing in a post. The test is called Keirsey Temperament Sorter and aims at identifying your temperament from amongst four standard types, and then further detailing it into one of the sixteen common “characters”, or personality types. There are 70

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Ah! The British weather…

The weather turned truly nasty for a couple of days. Nasty with a twist. Mockingly, around 7pm every day, the skies clear, the sun comes out, and our hearts fill up with hopes of nice tomorrow. Alas, the mornings leave a lot to be desired… We were at the marvelous Leeds Castle, in Kent, on

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With friends

Our best friends from New Jersey have come to visit us for a bit over a week, which means kids are happily playing, beer is freely flowing, fun is being had all around. Notably less sleep can be secured in return, but I managed to catch up on some this Saturday morning. Our guests certainly

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Relocation package

As I pass myself off for an expatriate blogger, I guess I should at least occasionally post entries that fellow expatriates could use as empirical advice. This lengthy entry concerns relocation package negotiation. Actually, I am hardly qualified to say anything about the negotiation itself. Primarily, because I did a less-than-impressive job negotiating my package.

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Paris, Paris

The latest disruption in my posts was caused by a long-weekend excursion to Paris, which was immediately preceded by another round of problems with the website, which hopefully have now been resolved once and for all (but claimed as their victim the recent Tuscany gallery album, which I am yet to restore). Oops, famous last

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