Monthly Archives: March 2007

Inexplicably free of charge

A funny realization has hit me a few days ago – in a certain sense, somehow, we have been living for free for quite some time. Ok, that statement is true only when applied to gas, electricity and broadband internet. And more likely than not, it will catch up with us sooner or later. But

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Revisions and social life

The car is in a driveway and has already been properly appreciated by all family members, the new TV looks great and works great, and the new food processor performs its magical duties like crazy. Things are looking up. Natasha, actually, demands a couple of corrections to the previous post. The first has to do

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Acquisitions and deliveries

That hail on Sunday was a precursor to worsening weather – with the official start of the spring, the temperatures dropped to near freezing, the skies turned to mostly grey, and several short snowfalls made an appearance, melting instantly. Natasha’s dad continued his exploration of London nonetheless, only devoting more time to museums, galleries and

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Return of the active weekend

It has been a while since we managed to stay active on both Saturday and Sunday of the same weekend. Winter weather is hardly conducive to outings, and you can only go on back-to-back museum trips so much. But with spring-like weather, hundreds of places that we want to visit beckoned harder. We picked two

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Spring is in the air

It really only takes once to disrupt regularity of posts, and then it becomes very hard to get back into the habit. Or, maybe, it’s too much booze… Going out, at least, if not the booze. We were out with a friend who was on a business trip from Geneva, on Tuesday, and then I

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Life goes on…

Sincere apologies to my faithful readers for such a long gap in my posts. I was not in much of a mood for writing. My family in New York has suffered through an inconceivable loss, and a beautiful little girl has never got a chance to open her eyes and experience the world and the

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Karaoke, bikes and cars

It’s nothing short of amazing that I don’t impersonate Natasha-without-her-voice today. Try singing karaoke for a hundred songs in one sitting, and you’ll understand… We went to visit our new friends Valera and Zhanna (whose daughter is Kimmy’s classmate). There was a nice meal, highlighted by Zeppelins, traditional Lithuanian stuffed potato concoctions, which I found

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Bye, house!

Well, it was bound to happen and it finally did happen. Our New Jersey house is no longer ours. The process took longer that we initially hoped for, and caused us enough nerves. The house was sitting empty since October, with my parents having to periodically visit and check things out. We had buyers towards

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