Monthly Archives: February 2007

Out and about with a mute

Next on the list – learning sign language. Natasha is definitely feeling better overall, but her regular malady befell her. She lost her voice, and even whispering hurts her vocal cords. She communicates primarily by gestures instead, which are not always easy to decipher. Conversations inevitably turn into drawn-out charades, and we collectively get to

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Getaway to Brussels

And we are back! Another trip is in the books, not entirely a success, but still a largely positive getaway. As I might have mentioned, our choice of Brussels as the next destination was largely influenced by the fact that Eurostar – high-speed train that links London with the continent – has a direct route

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Snow again (brief follow-up)

As was advertised, a beautiful snowy landscape has greeted us in the morning. And as expected, even though the morning driving was not any worse than on any other day, the public transportation was badly wounded. Half of the trains were cancelled, the other half delayed. It’s a good thing that many people decided not

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Broadband fun

Cold weather finally reached our land, too. For a couple of days in a row the temperature hovers around 25°F. The air is dry and windy, which makes it rather unpleasant. At least they promise snow tomorrow. Extreme Weather Warning has been distributed at the office, cautioning of up to 5 centimeters (not inches!) of

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Walking when trains are not running

It seems as if every other weekend or so, there is no train service at Mottingham, “due to planned engineering work”. As inconvenient as that is, it is a common occurrence with London rail transport (subway included), and you can find out in advance which lines will be closed. Unfortunately, we have not gotten into

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A bit of Essex, a bit of Kent

As I mentioned, our car needs repairs. So I went to look for a shop. In England, they are called garages. There is a ton of them around where we live, including a Vauxhall dealer one about ten minutes away. But I still have a lot of Brooklyn left in me, and Brooklyn wisdom suggests

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Selecting my football team

I am changing my football allegiance. If I were English, I would attract unending scorn from every fan in the nation, as I will be switching from Tottenham to their arch-rival, Arsenal. In hindsight, it was entirely foolish of me to declare which team was “mine” before I had a chance to see them in

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