Monthly Archives: September 2006

Farewells are hard…

I am doing it for the second time in my life. The times are obviously different, I am older, wiser – or so I hope – and wealthier than I was the first time I moved to live in a different country. It appears that there is both good and bad in comparing this emigration

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So, what’s the plan?

I am officially on UK payroll effective October 1st. We have our work-permit visas, we found a very nice place to rent in London suburbia, our own house is on the market, we already sold one of our cars and some other house stuff and even held a garage sale – I guess, we are

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A little background

For those of you, who know us well, feel free to skip this post. For the uninitiated, here is the context: My wife and I are relocating to England. We have spent the last 15 years of our life in the great United States of America, became rather assimilated (I am a rare Russian-American who

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I guess for the very first post of mine I should warmly welcome all readers and wax eloquent on the subject of how this blog might change the world… Nah!!! If all goes as planned, this first post will be buried under a ton of others. Or not, and this little project of mine will

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