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My workflow is 90% Adobe Lightroom, with complex layering done in Photoshop, HDR in Photomatix Pro, and custom styling in Nik Collection or ON1 Effects


I am not a big believer that expensive advanced equipment makes one a better photographer. I use Nikon D5100 with universal 18-200mm Nikkor lenses…


From well-known photographers – and travelers – to online stores and magazines, there is a wealth of resources online to help improve your photography



Hi, I'm Ilya! It's fantastic to make your acquaintance!
All you need
is the world
and a camera
in hand

I am a husband, a father, and a guy with a day job, who loves to travel and loves to bring back home photographic memories.  

I do not seek awards or acclaim for my photography. My photos are windows into my travel memories - or postcards from the past, if you will.  I shoot in RAW and swear by post-processing, but my life is all too busy to painstakingly obsess over perfecting every shot.

In the end, it is more about the place than about the shot for me.  I adore photos that recall smells, sounds, and of course sights of places I visited. If I manage to combine a strong sense of place with a good artistic impression, it gives me most satisfaction.

I suspect we have a lot in common, so make yourself at home and hopefully you will find something useful here.  Don't hesitate to drop me a line - I'd love to hear from you!

  • Countries

    I have lived in North America as well as both Eastern and Western Europe, and have traveled to nearly 40 countries (and counting)

  • languages

    I am fluent in English and Russian, conversationally proficient in Italian and French, and have survival skills in a few other languages

  • post-processing

    I have intermediate-to-advanced skills with Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop, and functional familiarity with a host of photo-processing tools

  • world heritage

    My count of visited sites on the UNESCO list is approaching a hundred and it has every chance to grow in the coming years

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