Favorite pictures

Take a look at the selection of my favorite shots from around the world and click through to my extensive galleries on Flickr.

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Destinations around the world

My personal count of visited sites on UNESCO World Heritage list approaches 100 and will continue to grow.

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What I Use

I am not a big believer that expensive photo equipment makes you a better photographer but I believe in the power of post-processing.

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A postcard from Venice

Venice has been a lot on my mind recently, most likely due to the extended residual envy at not having been able to join my wife and daughter on a recent visit there. My last significant stay there occurred over seven years ago, which is a sufficient length of time for anybody to get wistful.

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Of copyrights and privacy

As banquet photographs go, it was a pretty good one. Anyone who’s ever been to a Russian restaurant party will recognize the concept. There is always an “affiliated photographer” who moves from table to table taking pictures of the party-goers. He or she then tries to sell the printed portraits to you to the tune

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A place in my memory: San Francisco

I visited San Francisco several times in the early aughts, but my last visit there has been over a decade ago. My photographic archives of the city are very limited. Nonetheless, I do possess one shot that perfectly summarizes how I recall San Francisco.   The hill-climbing topography of San Francisco’s streets means that views

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A place in my memory: Siena

Unlike my eldest daughter – who lived in Siena for a couple of weeks on a language-immersion program and even witnessed a Palio with her own eyes – I have never spent a night in town.  I’ve been to Siena on half a dozen occasions but always for an intraday visit.  Each such trip left me with

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A postcard from Oslo

For a city not widely acclaimed as a major tourist destination, Oslo does offer a number of impressive sights. The modern Opera House is near the top of the list for me.     The building is huge and water surrounds it on three sides. When you are near it, there are not enough steps

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Shoulda, Coulda, Wouldn’t: London

I lived in London for three years. As more and more time separate me from that period I find myself feeling increasingly nostalgic. Which is rather surprising given that London is technically not my kind of town in terms of walkability – in a vast city with seemingly unlimited options of paths to take, there

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Bells ringing in Brugge

As I was posting one of my favorite pictures from Brugge, I was reminded of one of the most vivid travel memories I have from anywhere. At least when it comes to aural sense.   On our very first trip to Brugge, climbing its grand tower (featured on this blog before) was one of the

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Service review: Siteground

You need to find a host for your website. If you are like me and prefer your hosting provider to give you all necessary tools, fast response times, and then basically get out of your way while remaining at the ready to help, you can hardly do better than Siteground. I moved through my share

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A postcard from Vienna

I like climbing elevated viewpoints for a bird’s-eye look over town. It is not even entirely about photography, although I take my share of pictures from above. I just love the views. The brilliant expanse of rooftops does not always translate into an eye-catching wide-angle shot, but when it does, it’s a treat. Sometimes the

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A place in my memory: Brugge

Brugge is one of my favorite places in Europe, a picture-perfect place that you cannot help but want to linger around. On our first visit to Brugge, we explored it on foot, in a horse-drawn carriage, and in a canal cruise boat. The latter passes through some fairly central areas of town that are effectively

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San Giorgio, Venice

The out-of-camera version of the photograph below did not make the cut as a candidate for the recent Venice mini-gallery. But through the power of post-processing (in this case, entirely in Lightroom) it became one of the most worthy of “this would be a great print” designation. Few things give me more satisfaction than when

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Gear review: Joby Sling Strap

My most useful photography-related acquisition of all time has nothing to do with the process of taking pictures, per se. Instead, it has everything to do with what I do with the camera in between shots. For years, I carried my camera around my neck, as many other people do. Now, I use a not-so-lightweight

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A place in my memory: Montresor

One of my weaknesses as a photographer is a healthy level of attraction to things grand and significant. That’s not to say that I only take pictures of important landmarks, but I tend to favor compositions that include eye-catching achitecture over those that include only fragments or nothing singularly remarkable. It so happens, however, that

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Shoulda, Coulda, Wouldn’t: Amsterdam

Preface Everybody travels differently. My brother and his family recently took a smashing tour of parts of Europe. In their 4 days in Amsterdam they managed to see nearly as many museums as I have seen in about two-weeks time over the course of multiple visits. Although they feel that they spent plenty of time just walking

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A postcard from Copenhagen

A beautiful rose garden across the moat from a striking castle has to attract attention of any traveler. Some people just want to stop and smell the roses. Others find wide range of possibilities for shallow depth of field.     In truth, shallow depth is far from my strongest suit. I understand the mechanics

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From Venice

Two of my girls just spent almost a week reacquainting themselves with La Serenissima. Yours truly minded the homestead amid bouts of jealousy. Their tales of the trip and accompanying photos make me really want to drop everything and go immerse myself in Venice again. Oh, well… Here is a small sampler.      

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A place in my memory: Cambridge

I can no longer pinpoint where I got my first mental image of a proper university town from. It was surely a book, but my attempts to recall which one failed to yield a definitive answer. In my youth, Soviet institutions of higher learning almost always resided in major towns and practically never exhibited significant

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