Favorite pictures

Take a look at the selection of my favorite shots from around the world and click through to my extensive galleries on Flickr.

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Destinations around the world

My personal count of visited sites on UNESCO World Heritage list approaches 100 and will continue to grow.

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What I Use

I am not a big believer that expensive photo equipment makes you a better photographer but I believe in the power of post-processing.

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A decade of blogging

We interrupt the current stream of travel vignettes in order to celebrate a truly momentous occasion: the 10th birthday of my online journal. It is no testament to either perseverance or superior writing that the blog, started as the written record of our expatriate experiences, has survived our subsequent repatriation, periods of little to no

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Andorra La Vella

Counting the places I have visited is probably my only concession to any appearance of being vain. I have a couple of counts going. One, well documented in this blog, is my opportunistic chase after World Heritage sites. The other is the count of different countries that I set foot on. Seeing as Costa Brava

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Chasing World Heritage: #94 (Tarragona)

An attractive city to the south-west of Barcelona, Tarragona’s claim to UNESCO recognition revolves around its Roman past, as evidenced by a significant number of architectural remains. The long history of the city means that the medieval, Renaissance, and modern architecture in the center coexist with remnants of Roman glory.  Here is a not exactly successful attempt

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I have to give unqualified credit to my friend Arthur. He has made Costa Brava his summer home for twenty years. The law of diminishing returns suggests that he should find it harder and harder to come across something not seen before. But in fact, he continues to discover fascinating places every year. One of

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Tour of Pordamsa Porcelain factory

Our good friends who make Costa Brava their summer home have a business relationship with Pordamsa Porcelain. Pordamsa has been making innovative tableware in Catalonia’s Empordà region for 40 years. We toured their factory in the town of La Bisbal d’Empordà, which merits a separate entry in the recap of our recent trip. First, the

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The first installment of the photo recap of our summer trip to Spain arrives in double-quick time. I will try to cover every distinct location that I have taken pictures at in more or less chronological order. Which brings us to Peratallada.     Peratallada is among the most picturesque villages in the proximity of

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Back from Costa Brava

We always have memorable vacations. Whether it is through mixing detailed planning and potential for spontaneity, combining specific destinations and experiences with periods of pleasant idleness, or simply being lucky with hitting mostly the right notes, we are hard pressed to recall a trip that did not leave positive impressions. We occasionally experience days that

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A picture from San Gimignano

This may not be an especially striking picture, but I like it because it represents a bit of departure from the common type of San Gimignano photography. Most of the time people, myself customarily included, focus on the towers that give San Gimignano its unique skyline. While the towers retain prominence in this perspective, the

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A postcard from London

This is one of my favorite photos of London. Old-timers on this blog may remember it making an appearance twice already, processed in rather different fashion back then. Although it is not objectively a postcard-quality shot, it comes close enough.   We are standing in front of Tate Modern on the South Bank of Thames.

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A picture from Mantua

Sometimes, small details leave sharper impressions of a place than grand vistas. This picture taken in the Lombardian city of Mantua (Mantova in Italian) is a good illustration.   The location is Piazza Sordello. This spacious main historic plaza is flanked by the local Duke’s Palace, a couple of other ancient buildings, and the Baroque

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Another postcard from Oslo

This picture of the Royal Palace in Oslo proves that sometimes you can get a postcard-quality shot with practically zero effort. When the skies are radiant and the colors are dazzling, all you have to do is press the shutter button.   The palace offers timed limited-number-of-people guided tours, of which only a few a

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A place in my memory: Prague

Among my all-time favorite photographs, this one is the oldest, dating from our first trip to Prague over a decade ago. I fell in love with the city and to this day consider it the most beautiful in the world. I suspect there is not a significant number of people who would argue that Prague

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A postcard from Manarola

Of the five villages that make up the breathtaking region of Cinque Terre on the Ligurian Coast in Italy, the two most photographed are Vernazza and Manarola. We made Vernazza our base a couple of years ago and I had ample time to build a reasonable portfolio of Vernazza images (the best ones can be

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A postcard from Venice

Venice has been a lot on my mind recently, most likely due to the extended residual envy at not having been able to join my wife and daughter on a recent visit there. My last significant stay there occurred over seven years ago, which is a sufficient length of time for anybody to get wistful.

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Of copyrights and privacy

As banquet photographs go, it was a pretty good one. Anyone who’s ever been to a Russian restaurant party will recognize the concept. There is always an “affiliated photographer” who moves from table to table taking pictures of the party-goers. He or she then tries to sell the printed portraits to you to the tune

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